Science of the Mind: The Sacred Body Temple


The temple in the wilderness prefigured the sacred body temple constitution in the flesh. If sacred ritual and work was wrought in the temple in the wilderness then it stands to reason that sacred temple sacrifice must be wrought in the sacred body temple of humanity.

The book of Acts suggest that God does not dwell in temples made by men’s hands. Its recorded in I Cor.6:19 that the human body is the temple of the living God. Dare I ask.... “why in modern day churches,temples,and mosques do mere men spend precious energy attempting to resurrect the day of Pentecost?....Jesus the Christ alluded to the concept of greater works than these men will do.

There is a pertinent scripture that present a challenge to the whole of generalized religion today and for clarity on this article I quote 1 Cor.15:14...And if Christ be not risen,then is our preaching vain,and your faith is also vain (See 1 Cor.15:14...if our faith and our preaching is in the historicity of a risen Jesus the Christ and not in the  risen Christos ( Christ the oil of anointing)within the context of the sacred body human constitution then there is conflict of theology and spirituality...Col.1:26-27 is clear that the risen Latin Christos translated Christ in English which is the hope of glory within us has been hidden for ages and from generations,but is now revealed to the saints. Again the science of the mind is the salvation of the soul.

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Dr.Billy R Woodard


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