Science of the Mind: The Secret Gate Of Eden


The Lord God planted a garden,East in Eden (See Gen.2:8)
The garden of eden fundamentally esoterically implies seven dimensions of reality.Each aspect of Eden from Adam and Eve to the trees signifies portals of the infinite vortex of the spirit.The Edenic  gate situated due east represent entrance of the invisible Divine Presence in the universe.The Eastern Hemisphere has always generally for all purposes  suggest the flow of the spirit. In the ancient world all temples and the pyramids were aligned  due  east with the vortex of the invincible sun.(indicative of the son of God),thus the vortex of the spirit suggest the consciousness of that we percieve as God,the omnipresent mind of the almighty....the science of the mind is the salvation of the soul!”
Progressive KingPriest Consciousnesses Learning Center
Dr.Billy R Woodard


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