Those Were the Days


Everybody knows that the first American auto was invented by Henry Ford. The year was 1894 and they called it the “Model T’’ at a cost of $575.00. There were many autos invented during those early years, but few made it over the long haul. In all of my 84 years of watching the development of the automobile, I can truly say, it’s been a blast! I cherish the fond memories of those trips to see America! Where would we be without the “motorcar?” What a big deal for us to stop and get gasoline or take the auto by a garage where there’s a man waiting for that auto to stop in so he can fix a broken part. The inventor of paved roads to drive on, with balloon whitewall tires. Many new businesses sprung up to take care of these needs.

Think with me on how many jobs these early autos created....thousands and thousands! My gosh, you’ve got the oil and gas industry, auto sales people, repair shops, building all our highways of today and motels to allow folks to sleep along the way when traveling. Tourism · boomed, short order restaurants everywhere with drive-in service. The network of highways we now enjoy (or curse).

All of this industry came about when this guy invented the automobile! I never stopped to count how many years have gone by when I bought my first car, a 1938 Ford Coupe. It has only been about 130 years when Henry Ford’s unique ability to create the assembly line ... that was the beginning of manufacturing auto parts elsewhere then bringing the parts to one location to be assembled into the finished product of the automobile. Think about what this one man did for the American way of life for all of us folks! I try to fantasize of what kind of travel the future holds, but I can only say, “Ahhh ... those were the days.”


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