Those Were the Days: This and that


1. Those Were the Days when Coach Mac graduated from Wesleyan College in 1947, he was offered scholarships in baseball from most of the Southwest Conference schools. He was an outstanding pitcher in both hardball and softball!

2. Those Were the Days when our Warren Hasse became so famous as a sportscaster that NBC ABC, and CBS tried to hire him.

3. TWTD (those were the days) that the Pampa Fire Department Building on Foster Street celebrated its 100th anniversary. 1919 to 2019.

4. TWTD During WWll, the PHS woodshop cut wooden rifles for the boys in P.E. who were taught how to march with the rifles.

5. TWID, the red brick building at the Junior High, had a massive square dance club that practiced there weekly, and some of the “squarer’s” went to Red River, NM, to compete in tournaments at the Community Center.

6. TWID when Mary Jane Rose, born to Rex and Maxine Rose in 1950. She became a famous opera star who performed in New York as well as all over Europe. She is now semi-retired in Amarillo and is head of the Amarillo Performing Arts. Find out more about this impressive lady by going to a-dival.

7. TWTD. Did you know that Gray County is exactly 929 square miles in size and has been in the top 10 percent of oil production in Texas?

8. TWTD in 1927, Pampa hired an Indian named Jim Brown to lay over one million red bricks on eleven streets! It took three men to keep him supplied with bricks because he worked so fast.

9. TWID. The Pampa Post Office was built in 1934 on the comer of Duncan and Foster Streets. It is considered one of the finest historical buildings in all of Texas, They say the ceiling has real gold leaf in its ornate creations. They call the building design “Spanish Colonial.”

10. TWID. The night of the big fight in Skellytown between the Borger and Pampa High School guys, Sheriff Rufe Jordan brought an 18-wheeler cattle truck to the scene and loaded all the PHS boys into the trailer. and took them to jail! Then called their parents to pick them up.


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