Truly, God, You Are Too Wonderful For Me


Thank you, Lord, for coming on a midnight clear that silent, holy night, to be born of a virgin. Thank you for going up Calvary’s mountain weary and worn to die on an old, rugged cross on a hill far away. Lord, keep me near that cross lest I forget your agony. Thank you for shedding your blood for me-oh, what power there is in that blood- for I know there is nothing but that blood that can wash me white as snow.

Thank you for giving me the assurance that because you live, I can face tomorrow. Thank you for arising a victor from the dark domain so that I may serve a risen Savior who’s in the world today.

Thank you for letting the Comforter come so that I can rejoice night and day because you abide. Thank you for being holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty, for offering me peace through your wonderful words of life. Thank you for giving me promises I can stand on through eternal ages. Thank you for receiving this sinful soul with your amazing, marvelous, infinite grace; it’s greater than my sin and I will choose to sing of it o’er and o’er again.

Thank you for your nail-scarred and riven side-oh, what a Savior you are. Your sacrifice leaves me asking how can it be that my God should die for me? You tell me only to look and I will live, that you’ve already paid it all, that you’re able to deliver me? Wow, what a wonderful story of love.

Thank you for lifting my burden at Calvary, for continually, persistently calling me, weary and worn from going it alone, back home to you with a voice so soft and tender. Thank you for making room at the cross for me. I’ve realized I need your guidance for all thing; I’ve trodden sin’s paths too long, and, Jesus, I’m coming home, just as I am, into your grace so rich and free. Now I can gladly sing that I am His and He is mine, not just for the years of time alone, but for eternity.

Thank you for caring like no one ever could; there’s no other friend as kind as you. Please continue to hold my hand throughout this journey of life even when I try to let go. Thank you for changing my life when you came into my heart; how marvelous is your love for me. God, I’m so happy that you included me, that I can glory in your name since I have been redeemed-I love to proclaim it! You’ve been so loving to me, only a sinner, and I know that without you, I could do nothing.

Thank you for freeing me from the fear of tomorrow. I know that with you, Jesus, I’m safe evermore. Thank you for the victory that can be attained through you, for the song of victory I’ll sing up there with you some sweet day. Thank you for satisfying what my soul has craved; for that, I will praise you and give you glory because I know your blood washes every stain. Thank you for giving my soul, burdened and broken, liberty at Calvary. God, that act of love makes me sing of you, my Redeemer, and the love that lifted me.

I’m so glad you made me apart of the family of God; I’m so thankful for the brothers and sisters I love so dearly and the stories we all can tell and share because we know they’re true: they satisfy our longings like nothing else could do. Lord, thank you for rescuing each of our perishing, helpless, dying souls and equipping us to send out your light. Please help our souls stay set afire for you and your cause. Revive us again so that we can lead others to this great gift you’ve bestowed on us all.

Jesus, thank you for being you. You have become so precious to me. Your faithfulness in my life has only further instilled my resolve to follow you. I’d rather have you, Lord, than anything. Thank you for being all the world to me-oh, how I love you, Jesus. I will lift up my voice to worship you, oh, my soul, rejoice. Thank you for being the solid rock, the most constant thing in my life, my everlasting portion. I know whom I’ve believed in, and trust me, my faith still holds. Though the trials of life should come and surround like a cloud, my faith has found a resting place. I don’t need an argument or plea- Jesus’ death for me is all the proof I need. Thank you for letting me anchor in you in times that are rough. I know that all believers have an almighty anchor…and spoiler alert…it holds!!!

Thank you for being my comfort. I know that I can be still and know that everything is well with my soul. I can have all the peace in the world because I know the One who holds tomorrow and I can feel special because He holds my hand. Wow, God, how great thou art! Your perfection astounds me, your love humbles me, and your heart draws me closer to you. Why do you love me? I don’t understand, but I thank you for it.

Thank you for the blessed assurance you give me; I know that You, Jesus, are mine. It’s my story, my song, and I will sing of it for all my days. Thank you for being trustworthy-it’s so sweet to trust in you. And with every trial I face, I thank you that I can proclaim how through it all, I could trust you more. I’ll just keep trusting you, Lord, my faithful friend, as I walk along.

God, continue to open my eyes; show me your will, Spirit divine, and know that I am thine. Continue to draw me nearer. It’s my desire that in my life, you would be glorified. Help me to never give up on trying to have a closer walk with you. Assist me in taking time to be holy so that I may never have anything between my soul and you, my Savior. Help me to daily bear my cross and surrender my all to you; I’ve decided to follow you and leave my all on the alter. And though none go with me, I still want to follow. Bless my obedience and make it my goal to walk humbly with you, God. I give you my life, I’ll go where you want me to go, where you lead I’ll follow. Have your own way, Lord, consecrate me and make me wholly, completely yours.

Help me to remember in my work for you that little is much when you’re in it. Thank you for bringing purpose to my ministry. I have found that you grow sweeter as the years go by, the longer I serve you. Thank you for the sunlight you bring in my soul, for the joy unspeakable you’ve given, and the melody of love that rings in my heart. Your goodness keeps me singing. Thank you for constantly abiding and continually hiding my soul in the cleft of a rock.

Thank you for answering a question through action that my flesh so often asks: does Jesus even care? Oh, YES you care! You love me and keep watch over me! You have revealed yourself to me and have shown me what you can do…and it’s no secret, I’ll strive to tell everyone.

Precious Lord, please take my hand because my soul grows weary and needs you every hour. Thank you for being there for me; after all, where could I go but to you, my Lord?

Thank you for your blessings on me. I count them and it surprises me to see what you have done. But why should it surprise me when I know that you’ve been so good to me? Thank you for never leaving me alone and giving me the assurance that you’ll answer the questions of my doubting heart farther along.

Thank you for talking with me day by day, for spending hours of intimate conversation and joy with me in the garden. You walk and talk with me-no one can know the bliss we share as we tarry there. I love you, Lord, for your time with me, an insignificant, broken individual. Thank you for those sweet hours of prayer, because I know that just a little talk with you makes all things right. Lord, please continue to be my Gentle Shepherd and lead me on. Thank you for always being my Guide.

And finally, thank you for a promised future with you. I’m looking for your city built above with unclouded skies, and a mansion I know you’ve prepared for me: gold and silver-lined, just how I like it! Thank you that we’ll never grow old there, that face to face in that sweet by and by fairer than day, we’ll gather at the river and have a glad reunion with the saints the have gone on before. Thank you for making it worth it all; for letting me take comfort knowing that my trials on earth won’t be for nothing. I thank you because I will get to see your face first of all when we all get to Heaven, Wow, truly, what a day that will be. It brings tears to me eyes thinking of my reunion in the sky with you, precious Lord. Thank you for the sweet Beulah Land that I’m already a little home-sick for. How long until we can sing the glad song “Christ Returneth”? I’m not sure, but know this, Lord: I plan to be ready and waiting for you. I look forward to that day beyond the sunset.

Truly, God, you are too wonderful for me. Thank you for being too wonderful.


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