United Supermarkets receives refresh


Shoppers at the United Supermarkets in Pampa, located at 1420 N. Hobart, may have noticed some new looks in areas across the grocery store.

with Store General Manager Troy Newton said in a May 31 interview over the last month the store has been experiencing a refresh of sorts.

“It was a ‘demolition,’ (United terms for construction) which was taking out all of the decor and old equipment,” Newton said. “Next was the painting. We are not changing out all of the deli, we replaced a sink and some random equipment.”

Newton said the United Family, a division of Albertson’s and Company, takes a look at their stores each year and this year it was the Pampa location’s turn.

“We opened this store Oct. 5, 2001,” Newton said. “Nothing has changed. That’s a long time for a refresh/remodel. Twenty-one years later, they decided to remodel it.”

Those familiar with the United Supermarkets in Amarillo such as their Washington or Soncy Street locations will recognize the fresh new look of Pampa’s United.

“We are going to be ‘traditional’ like Washington, River Road and Soncy,” Newton said.

The project was aimed to be completed by Father’s Day weekend, June 19.

A resident of Pampa since 1999, Newton was proud to say the project utilized Pampa businesses.

“We used B&G for electric and Larry Baker for the plumbing,” Newton said.

“They are doing our project work for that. I’m always proud to use Pampa businesses. It helps when you live in a place for a while because they (United Family) called and I could recommend them. I’m happy they got the contracts.”

New equipment, such as new refrigeration cases, will be available in October.

“We needed to replace the ones that were old or not efficient anymore,” Newton said. “We replaced all of those in produce against the wall. We call that a three-deck, which displays products in a different way, will go to a five-deck. Meat, cheese, bacon and sausage will get ripped out and become doors.

“The cases are going to be random throughout the store to the most modern sense of merchandising and help us with energy.”

Newton stressed that the store layout will not be changed and groceries will still be in the same locations they have been.

“We’re not moving departments and we’re not moving grocery aisles,” Newton said. “We’re doing all of the work at night. That’s a big deal to me. As a citizen of Pampa, it’s important to me that we don’t close (in the daytime) during our remodel.”

The outside of the store will not change.

For more information on United Supermarkets, call 806-669-6115.


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