Welcome Back to School


The pitter patter of little feet running around in the morning. Hearing the children up and getting ready for school is what many people have longed for after a long summer break. Then there is also a fear and terror for others. This is the time for us as adults to take our babies and turn them over to adults and individuals that we have never met. To the coaches, teachers, counselors and principals that we as a parent place our innocent children into the arms of them for their safety and well-being for 6 to 8 hours a day.

The Pampa ISD staff and faculty are people that you know.

The people you go to church with, you see at the store or water park. Some of the faculty and staff shared those same walls with you as students. Now, they have their very own
children inside the schools as well and they feel the same way that you do about their own children.

The staff at Pampa ISD are some of the most amazing individuals that I know. Yes, there have been some that were weeded out and let go of in the past. Even some that just decided that it wasn’t the job for them. It is a very tough profession. All the extra training, long hours and trying to prepare to take care of each individual child one by one. Trying to make sure that nobody injures or abducts one of your children is a chore in its own. Then in the evening, they have to come home and take care of their own children and homes. These people should be in the category of a superhero.

So if you have a problem with a teacher or coach follow the chains of command that was given to us. Each student was given this information in one of their informational packets. Yes, you can post it on Facebook for everyone to see and talk about it, that is your right to do as an American. But if you have a problem, go to the source. With a cool head and calm
voice. Everybody Welcome Back to School!!!


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