‘What is a Pampa Harvester?’ essay winner


During the Pampa Harvester Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Friday, Oct. 8, Pampa High School Alumni Ted Swindle presented the winner of the “What is a Pampa Harvester?” Essay Contest.

The winner this year was Lesley Ramirez, with this essay:

“If I asked you, what does it mean to be a Harvester? What would you say? I promise that each and every one of you is probably considering Pride, Purpose, perseverance, determination, and so on. However, we are the resource that makes up a Harvester because a Harvester is not one characteristic, and we are not one person. We are building blocks, so what it means to be a Harvester is all of us as a community.

I first moved here in March, so you might be thinking, how would she know? She has not been here for long, right? Well, that is where you are incorrect because for the six months I have lived in Pampa, I learned what family is. I learned that a Harvester is something bigger than a school. A Harvester is someone who grabs a paintbrush and paints a woman in need’s house just because they want to help. A harvester is someone who goes the extra mile and carries out the groceries for any individual who might struggle. A Harvester is someone who shelters and guides the ones who lost everything out of a dark tunnel. We all rise above ourselves to assist another to get through any circumstance that comes their way. We take someone else’s problem, and we make it ours so when that problem is solved, we can be proud of the outcome together.

“We walk with colors of green and gold we carry our hearts like the glowing sun; lighting up the world; and leading the road standing together as one we bring impact;  spreading love; and kindness when there are obstacles, we adapt the difficulties are outlived; making us the lightness Harvester is our name;  Harvester; is who we are Harvester; say it proud we are the flame a fiery star; say it loud community is what we are thousands of stars forming making us the biggest making us the greatest I ask you what is a Harvester; I hope you respond with luminous stars.”

In the end, a Harvester can indicate many different aspects, but one element I recognize is community. We don’t just embody green and gold; we also represent red, blue, and white, a beautiful canvas of rich and diverse colors. In the end, it is America who we make proud as we carry our flags and acknowledge all those before us who fought for the Harvesters we are, and the Harvesters we have yet to become.”


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