Wiskey Grills holding grand opening today


Rich and Julie Wiskey will be holding their grand opening of Wiskey Grills from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today at, 1421 Suite B North Hobart.

“It’s been a lifelong dream to own a business,” Rich said. “I’ve been retired for a number of years now and had the idea two years ago. I just started thinking about it and got input from what was going on in the world in the barbecue business.

“It (the business) has exploded. I feel like I picked the right direction to go.”

Rich wanted the grill store to be an American-focused grill store. As a result, his three grill lines are all made in the United States: Smokin’ Brothers (Missouri), Golden’s Cast Iron (Georgia) and Disc-It (New Mexico).

Wiskey Grills will also feature lines of rubs, seasonings, sauces and pellets.

“Rubs and seasonings have really been driven by our friends who grill a lot,” Rich said. “They’ll ask if I’m going to have a particular flavor and I’ll tell them I’ll check into it. We don’t have a vast variety yet. I think that’s something we see expanding. Seasonings seem to be a lot more popular than sauces.”

Wiskey Grills pellets are American made and will come from the aforementioned Smokin’ Brothers BBQr’s Delight out of Arkansas.

“They come in flavors like peach,” Rich said. “Smokin’ Brothers has a line that come out of Kentucky and we will also have a line of fuel products (wood/charcoal) from B&B out of Texas.”

No barbecue is complete without some of the accessories Wiskey Grills will carry including spatulas, thermometers (such as a blue-tooth, wireless thermometer) and custom-made knives and cutting boards.

As part of the grand opening, Alfonso Garcia with Smokin’ ATX will be cooking for the event. The Wiskeys met Garcia through starting this venture.

“The talk around the grill guys is they were excited about our store opening because they are sick of having to go to Amarillo,” Rich said. “So he just kept in touch asking about it and when we had our first meeting with the Pampa EDC Board in May, he showed up.”

Wiskey was inspired to continue with his dream after seeing how Champions Equipment in Amarillo expanded to what they are today.

“It was in an old little dinky Radioshack and now it’s what it is today,” Wiskey said. “All off of what people like to do on the weekends: grilling.”

Between that and the recent investment by the famous Manning Family’s investment in BBQGuys, Wiskey is excited for the future of grilling. Now, Pampa has one of their own.

“We are just overwhelmed by the support from Pampa,” Julie said. “People coming in, calling and being excited.”

Wiskey Grills has a Facebook page detailing all of their products and can be reached at 806-680-2729.


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