Wyatt the Fighter: A Community Coming Together

§ How the last wish of a child was granted in a momentous way


In June 2023 at just three years old, Wyatt Sells was diagnosed with Wilms stage 4 kidney cancer, an aggressive form that quickly took his left kidney and right lung leaving tumors on his remaining lung. 

Bursting with joyous energy and a fun-loving disposition, Wyatt was loved by all those who knew him and his diagnosis shattered the hearts of an entire community and afar.

After showing no signs of recovery and his illness only becoming worse, Wyatt’s parents made the difficult decision to begin planning for the worst and reached out to family, friends and loved ones to come together and give their goodbyes.

Among those notified was David Sigala and his wife, Lensey Sigala of Pampa, asking if there was something special they could do for Wyatt in his final days. 

Wyatt had a deep love and admiration for cars and motorcycles, so the Sigalas knew exactly what they were going to do. Reaching out on social media and through personal friends, they rounded up nearly 100 people with motorcycles and a few classic cars to pay Wyatt a visit in Borger.

The post on Facebook was shared nearly 2,000 times, garnering the attention and support of folks from all over the Panhandle.

The night before the group was to head out, Wyatt passed away, devastating the thousands that had rallied around to participate in the momentous event. 

The Sigalas knew they still had to follow through with the plan and ride in Wyatt’s memory and to support the grieving family.

Gathering at Pak a Sak on Friday, June 14, a sight that was truly meant to be seen as dozens upon dozens of motorcycles and their riders met to plan their route and prepare for the ride ahead.

The Borger highway thundered as nearly 100 motorcycles made their way to the family, passersby stopping to record the awe-inspiring event.

Wyatt’s family and friends were met with enormous support and outpouring of love from the riders as they were gifted a beatiful leather vest from Antelope Creek specially made for Wyatt and a plastic bag full of donation money that had been passed around before the riders’ departure from Pampa. 

As tears flowed in a somber unity, the grief and undeniable love for Wyatt was inexplicably felt among all those who had come together, and even for those of us who were unable to make the trip.

Wyatt’s funeral will be held this Friday, June 21 at 2 PM at Calvary Baptist Church in Borger where the family will be escorted by the Sigalas and anyone who wishes to ride in the procession, followed by an escort to the Dome where the Sigalas are providing a meal to the family. 

Fly high, Wyatt, and may comfort fill the hearts of all those who love and miss you.