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Richest current Republican politicians in Congress

Stacker ranked current Republican politicians in Congress by their total estimated net worth using a database compiled by Insider from congressional disclosure reports.  

Richest current Democratic politicians in Congress

Using a database compiled by Insider from congressional disclosure reports, Stacker ranked current Democratic politicians in Congress by their total estimated net worth.  
How the pandemic e-commerce surge spiked demand for truckers analyzed how retailers and truckers have adjusted to the evolving needs of consumers as e-commerce dominates the market.  
50 most physical jobs in America
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Industries losing and gaining the most jobs
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10 unexpected alternative investments in luxury goods compiled a list of 10 unexpected luxury goods that are also used by investors as alternatives to traditional investments, according to sources such as Forbes and Harvard Business School.
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How home equity compares in each state

Is your state house-rich? Portland Real Estate examined real estate data platform ATTOM's quarterly home equity report to see which states have the largest share of equity-rich homeowners in the third quarter of 2022.