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  Usain Bolt holds the record for the fastest sprint at 27.78 mph. And while that might not seem so fast compared to the cheetah (75 mph), it’s fast enough to defeat all … more
In the press conference after the Los Angeles’ Lakers premature exit from the NBA Playoffs a couple of weeks ago, LeBron James answered questions about whether or not he would be competing in … more
Reader Alert: Many employer benefit group plans terminate the day you are no longer working full-time. Explore employer group medical plan rules and options with Medicare if you or your spouse are 65 … more
The Core Curriculum at universities (not to be confused with “Common Core”), sometimes called general education requirement, is determined by faculty and legislative leadership. … more
Dear Dietitian, My husband was just diagnosed with prediabetes. We were given a sheet of paper with information on this, but it left us with many questions. Does he need a special diet? Will he … more
Hey Taylor: Any investments I can make that will stand up well against inflation? I feel like the dollar has to weaken soon and I’m wondering how I can protect myself. — Jeremy Hey … more
“The Game Changers” is billed as a documentary about meat, protein and strength. The mission: to show folks that for many professional athletes, a vegan or vegetarian diet gives them an … more
Pearl Harbor Day…..America was officially in World War II. December 7, 1941. What a somber day that was. We lived in Pampa at the time and I was five years old. From that day forward America … more
Many people live their lives looking to their left and right so much that it is amazing they don’t get a very sore neck. What we need to be doing is looking forward. That is why God put eyes on … more
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. No bureaucracy in public service or private enterprise ever starts out as anything but a step towards fairness and excellence. Yet, time and … more
Toni: Last year, my husband got into the “donut hole” in September. I can see from the Part D statement he receives monthly that he is rapidly approaching the donut hole and it is only … more
When Frank Sinatra sang, “Don’t you know that it’s worth/Every treasure on earth to be young at heart?” he was declaring how beneficial it is to be able to ignore your … more
Dear Readers, Today I am writing about a topic near and dear to my heart: nutrition and cancer, or more pointedly, nutrition myths and cancer. My clinical experience included twelve years of … more
Hey Taylor: I finally gave in and looked up NFTs. I guess the letters stand for Non-Fungible Token, and I’m probably more confused than before I did the research. Can you break this new trend … more
When LeBron James twisted his ankle during a game with the Atlanta Hawks, even he couldn’t dismiss the pain. Writhing on the floor in agony, the All-Star joined the ranks of the 54% of … more
Ever-deepening Christian faith is called upon by believers who sometimes are challenged by their “trust and obey” commitment. We need only point to COVID-19, which has laid claim to as … more
Previously published but updated here as the council is still worthwhile. High School Graduates — In a few months, millions of people like you, full of hope and anticipation, will … more
A lot of people have been dying lately. Many are dying early before they finish a long and complete life. My heart aches regularly reading the obituary of someone I knew whose life impacted … more
Clay Center, Kansas – What is a man? It could be confusing answering that question because our society is changing quickly on this. Little boys should have their fathers to show them what a … more
Hi Taylor: I’m hearing more and more about businesses and people getting hacked and it’s starting to freak me out a little. Is this our new normal? Has it always been this bad and … more
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