A Study in the Word – First Peter 1:17-21


In the second of three affirmations for living day-by-day in a manner worthy of Christ, Peter turns to holy living through Christ’s holy gift.

This gift is “the price paid by Jesus so that we could live reverently for Him.”  Peter’s teaching helps me think about living for Christ day-by-day in three ways (built on the letters D and R).  Deepest Reverence is due the Lord Jesus in even the most ordinary of days.  Deepest Reverence opens a way for my Deepest Recognition of the precious value of Jesus’ sacrifice.  As I live each day I express in various ways and means the Deepest Respect for Him who made this kind of holy living possible.

Our common confession of God as Father calls for the deepest reverence in one’s earthly pilgrimage.  God the Heavenly Father cares about everything and every moment of our lives.  Everything believers do stands under the watchful eye of God (1:17a), so we are to live day-by-day in deepest reverence toward God (1:17b).  Deep recognition for what God values places great value on how we become believers (1:18-19).  We recognize worldly means can never gain eternal salvation (1:18).  An example from the ancient world may help gain perspective on where true value should be placed.  The Egyptian Empire had silver and gold mines, but no iron mines.  Egypt could make trinkets and idols but not enough iron weapons to fend off enemies that had iron weapons.  Enemies then stole her silver and gold.  The Christian recognizes that salvation comes not with the coin of the realm but with the life blood of the King of the realm.  We recognize salvation is gained only by the holy and precious gift of Jesus (1:19). 

Christ came and died for us so we can live daily with the deepest respect for Him and the price He paid (1:20-21).  Faith can see that God’s decision in eternity past found its mark in you – “for the sake of you.”  “It came through sharp and clear only recently when you put your trust in God” (1:20, Jordan).  Jesus’ resurrection opens and empowers the way to live an honorable life for a worthy Savior (1:21).  A new status is created for us by Christ - we “are” (“in standing as”) the redeemed of the Lord.  Christ’s resurrection established a new fact, that our faith produces a hopeful result, that is, hope “in God.”

Dr. David Moore is a university online Bible and theology instructor.  Email: dm5867se@outlook.com