A Study in the Word: Revelation 22:6-21


The End is not yet, but it is certainly coming. Verse 6 affirms the truthfulness of the entire vision. Old Testament prophets preached to people of their day, and so does Revelation. The purpose of Revelation has been fulfilled (1:1). Jesus affirms three times He is coming soon (22:7, 12, 20). His return will bring to reality what is foretold. “Blessed” urges everyone to heed these words. Some aspect of hearing is mentioned over thirty times, so believers must heed God alone. (22:8-9).


John is told to make this revelation available (22:10-11; Daniel 12:9-10). Verse 11 points to the urgency of the message. When the reality of these prophecies arises, it will be too late to repent; judgment is sealed at that point. Once a person’s character is set, it is unlikely to change, but the reality of the prophecies is not yet, so the warnings of Revelation can still be heeded.

Something of a review of the entire book follows (22:12-16). Jesus affirms His return for the second time (22:12). “My reward” is both salvation for the faithful and eternal punishment for the unrepentant because Christ shares attributes of the Father (22:13; 1:8; 21:6).

Translations vary for verse 14, but the idea is that faith resides in the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice for sin. These have the “right” (authorization) to partake of the tree of life and enter the gates into God’s presence (21:12-14, 25). Any person who chooses to retain things offensive to God’s holiness is refused eternity with Him (22:15; Deuteronomy 23:17-18; Philippians 3:2). “Outside” does not mean “right outside,” but “totally removed.”

Jesus affirms He is the long-awaited Messiah, bringer of salvation (22:16; 2 Peter 1:19). Four “invitations” are presented (22:17). The Holy Spirit and the church pray for the return of Christ. Those who truly heed the exhortations of the book add their prayer. “Seekers” of righteousness will find it in Christ. Everyone is invited to receive the water that gives life.

Jesus affirms His authority comes from God (22:18-19; Deuteronomy 4:2). All who accept and heed His words have a share in eternity with Him. No share in His kingdom is reserved for those who disparage or compromise the truth of Revelation and treat it in an unholy manner.

Christ’s return is affirmed for the third time (22:20a). Bond-servants who obeyed His word to persevere add their affirmation (22:20b).

John adds his “Amen” (22:21).

Dr. David Moore is a university online instructor in Bible and theology. Email: dm5867se@outlook.com