Chad Kent’s Wonderfully Whimsical Welding Art


For the past eight years, Chad Kent has continued to astonish people online and in real life with his dazzling welded creations. Kent grew up in Lefors, and now resides in Pampa with his wife and two children. Kent studied welding at Claredon College and had aspirations of doing more. He uploaded photos and videos of his art early on and has amassed a generous following.

“I’m very creative and started wondering what else I could do,” Kent said. “I started looking for ideas on the internet and found people who made art with horseshoes.”

Kent refined his welding process and started making horseshoe furniture and metallic roses. Thanks to his quality of work, Kent has received numerous requests for creations.

“I’ve had people come to me and ask if I can make them something,” Kent said. “Depending on what it is, I can look it up online to see various designs. From there, I can create it.”

Kent’s best-selling products are his horseshoe boot racks and metallic roses, which he calls forever roses. The boot racks are sturdy and can hold up to six pairs of boots.

The forever roses are adorned with unique color combinations that glitter in the sunlight. The roses take Kent a day to create, mostly to ensure that the paint is completely dry. The demand for his forever roses has Kent planning on offering more floral options such as lilies.

As for the future of his business, Kent has big plans in store.

“I am interested in selling my work at the Pampa Farmer’s Market,” Kent said.

Kent often records himself welding his current orders on his TikTok, The Mad Scientist Welder.

For any orders or inquiries, you can reach out to Chad Kent on Facebook at Tailor Made Welding & Furniture.