Christmas Tree of Blessings: Hope for the Holidays


The Tralee Crisis Center of Pampa has given hope, comfort and provided a safe haven for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse for more than three decades.

As a non-profit organization, a good portion of their funds come from donations of others to help provide the services that so many families need, including medical and legal assistance, food, clothing and utlities.

While Christmas is the most joyous time of the year, it can certainly be the hardest for those families whose lives have been turned upside down due to unforeseen and heartbreaking circumstances.

For several years, Tralee Crisis Center has presented the Blessings Tree during the month of December, a way for the community to provide those less fortunate families with a Christmas.

“When they flee these situations, a lot of the times they leave everything. They have no income, no means of doing anything like that (Christmas celebration). So, we get the privilege of providing that Christmas for them,” says Penny Harvey, Executive Director of Tralee Crisis Center.

“So that is anything from clothing for adults to toys and clothing for kids-all of those things we get to involve our community in with the tree. We write down what they need and what sizes for clothes or a specific toy for a child and people can come get an ornament off the tree and they can buy those gifts.”

Altrusa International, Inc. will be involved this year as well, wrapping the presents and giving parents wrapping paper to involve them in the gift-giving process as well.

While many of the ornaments have been picked from the blessings tree, there are many remaining that are for adults who are in need.

“We also want to show support to those survivors that have left bad situations and have made the really tough decision to leave everything behind, and let them know they are just as important and special.”

Penny shared a heartfelt story about a family who came into Tralee and the only thing the children wanted was a Christmas tree.

Flogistix provided that family with not only a tree and ornaments to decorate with, but also decorations for the house, lights, wrapping paper and bows.

The outpouring love and support from the citizens and businesses of Pampa can be felt in the stories that the staff and volunteers of Tralee share in tearful appreciation and gratitude.   

“The first year I worked here, we had all the presents in those backrooms, and everytime I went back there I just wanted to cry because how the Pampa community came together to help these families was just amazing,” said Jackie Perez, Volunteer Coordinator of Tralee Crisis Center.

Anyone who would like to take part in the Blessings Tree and adopt a family can come by the Tralee Crisis Center located at 310 S. Cuyler in Pampa.