Get ready for spring at the Garden Owl


The Garden Owl, which opened at their location 410 E. Foster in 2013, offers everything a person might need in their garden from seeds, hanging plants to gifts and decor.

“It’s a garden center and gift shop that is open year-round,” owner Brandon Richards said. “Our primary purpose with springtime coming up is garden plants, vegetables, flowers, potting soils and different pots. We try to keep gifts for the gardeners. We have doormats, plant-hangers, plant accessories and general gifts. We have a baby section, sympathy, wind-chimes, etc.”

While this upcoming planting season is coming off the heels of a drought that saw very little snow over the winter, Richards said there are still some plants that are more resilient for those conditions.

“We sell a whole lot of hanging baskets that people hang on their porches or in their windows like petunias, foliage baskets, sweet potato vines and later in the spring we will have our perennials that you plant in the yard and they return every year so you don’t have to replace them,” Richards aid. “The succulents and cactus have been a popular item the last two years and we sell a lot of house-plants.”

Richards personally enjoys perennials, ground covers and succulents that stay year-round such as agave and prickly pears. He also plants annuals, which need to be replaced each year.

“That’s where you see more color (in your annuals),” Richards said. “That’s where you see more color in your bloom. That’s kind of the trade off for having to plant them annually. Perennials come back each year but aren’t as prolific in their flowers (but annuals are more prolific).”

Garden Owl does sell seeds for squash, okra, watermelon, cantaloupe and zucchini. For flowers, Garden Owl offers a variety of plants that are past their infant stages.

“We all work so much and have such busy lives that it’s easier to buy them (pre-planted),” Richards said. “We plant them ourselves here in four-inch pots and you can already buy them. If you don’t have the time or would like a head start, I recommend buying the tomato plants or the squash already up and growing in a pot.”

Garden Owl received their first shipment this week for those who have spring fever and would like to bring plants in and out as we transition to warmer weather.

Richards did want to confirm that while the Garden Owl is for sale, Brandon’s Flowers and Coney Island are not and he is not going anywhere.

“I’m a long way from retirement,” Richards said. “Garden Owl is not going out of business, it’s just a available if anyone would like to opportunity to have it for their enjoyment.”