Gray County 4-H Fund Raiser now on-going


Gray County 4-H has a surplus of Durham’s pecans, nuts, and snack mixes that are on sale now at the Gray County Annex.  This is their annual fund raiser, and all proceeds go toward 4-H programs, projects, and activities for the following year.  Your support is always appreciated.  Please stop by the Gray County Annex Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. and pick out some good quality baking nuts and snacks!” The prices are as follows: Peanuts: $4, Snack Mixes: $5, Candy-Coated pecans: $7, Other nuts: $8, 1 & 2 pound candy coated pecan samplers: $12 & $20 and Pecan halves and pieces: $10 - $50.