Hall’s Heating & Air


More than 40 years ago, Hugh Hall started Hall’s Heating & Air, an HVAC servicing company that catered to the residential needs of the citizens of Pampa and surrounding areas. 

Upon his retirement, he sold the company in 2014 to one of his employees, Rob Hampton who then went on to run the company for another five years.

In February of 2019, Jim Chaney and his wife, Amy, purchased the company and merged it with Steve’s Refrigeration to create a powerhouse, bringing the trades of the old into the present with a new look, a new attitude and a bigger vision.

The Chaneys were no strangers to owning and running a business, as their construction, flooring and realty experience was extensive as well as impressive.

“We’d always owned multiple businesses-Chaney Construction was here forever and Floors and More and we had a bunch of residential rental properties. So obviously home servicing and real estate was something we were always passionate about,” Amy said.

“At some point we realized that we were going to put all of our eggs into this one basket and we sold all of our other companies, all of our residential rental properties and just got rid of everything and this is all we do now.” 

“If you had told me years ago that I was going to ever be this passionate about heating and air conditioning, I would’ve told you that you were nuts,” she laughed. “But we absolutely love it.”

Expanding their services all across the Texas Panhandle, from 150 miles commercially and 75 miles residentially, Hall’s Heating & Air has gained a reputation as being the go-to HVAC company to the more rural parts of the Panhandle that are otherwise overlooked. 

“We’re both small town people and I remember growing up in Silverton where there were people that knew how to work on stuff because they would have to wait months and months for a professional to come in, so we really enjoy serving those smaller communities. Somebody’s gotta serve them!” Amy said.

The Chaneys wanted to make sure that Hall’s Heating & Air stood out from the crowd by offering something more than just an in-and-out fix job. 

Not only do they have their employees, both technicians and customer service representatives, go through extensive and ongoing training, they also understand that making sure the customer is well-informed on their heating and air cooling systems is crucial.

Using car maintenance as the perfect analogy for the responsibility a car owner has to keep their vehicle in tip-top and smooth-running shape, it can be used for homeowners as well in the sense of having yearly maintenance on their HVAC units by trained professionals results in the same thing: a healthy, operating system.

“We do a lot of training with our technicians in-house and we also travel all over the U.S. for multiple trainings throughout the year,” Jim said. “And we also have a full-blown maintenance program, which is preventative maintenance where the idea is to keep your system top-notch so you don’t have any breakdowns.”

“It’s not just technical aspects-it’s also soft skills like making sure you’re taking care of the customers and doing an actual assessment of the customers’ needs and not just this is what’s wrong with your equipment and we’re going to fix it,” Amy said.

Hall’s Heating & Air serves as a shining example of how important education in the trade field truly is, HVAC service being a constant need throughout the year and always in high demand.

The Chaneys have since partnered up with Amarillo Tech, a trades and career high school in Amarillo with over 100 vocational courses to choose from.

“It’s a fantastic program and we have been in communication with our continuing education directors here in Pampa to try to figure it out,” Amy said. 

“We serve on the advisory committee at AMTech and we’ve been in communication with Clarendon College. It’s something we are passionate about. My idea is to have an in-house facility where they can come and be trained here like an apprenticeship program to where we are able to work in tangent not just with Pampa High School, but with White Deer High School, Lefors, Mclean-all of those to be able to have some kind of work program for the high schools to come and learn and be trained in the trades. It’s the way of the future.”

“It’s literally only in the last year or two that you’ve heard people trying to push trades again,” Jim said. “Now there’s a panic. I feel like there’s just a big gap there and a lot of people have retired and moved on.”

Not only have the Chaneys redirected Hall’s Heating & Air into a bigger and brighter future, they have recently updated the company’s face and logo, Jim being the creative mastermind behind the change.

Shooting for a classic and nostalgic theme with a modern twist, Jim’s now-famous logo can be seen on all of Hall’s service vehicles and billboards, the bold orange and blue colors capturing the attention of the public, here and afar.

With a strong set of core values, a powerful mission statement and a unique brand that will carry on gracefully into the future, Hall’s Heating & Air is sure to thrive for many more years.

For more information on the services Hall’s Heating & Air offer, call 806-669-2437 or visit their website callhalls.com, or visit their location at 801 W. Kingsmill in Pampa, TX.