He Chose To Come For You


No other picture is more out of place than that of baby Jesus in a pile of hay in a manger. The logos, the Word, who was to dwell among humanity, the very Creator of everything, confined to a tiny human body and sleeping in a bunch of straw. Nothing appears more upside-down than this scene.

So what is the point? The point is that He chose to come, to give up His complete equality with Father God so that you could have a Savior.

That is what Christmas Day is really all about. No present under any tree compares to this unwrapped gift. And most importantly, guess whose name is written on the package? Your name is there! That’s right, your name! What does that mean? The gift is yours.

So have you opened it? If not, why? It is a present from heaven and it’s for you. What in the world are you waiting for? Get with the program and get that gift open. The present won’t ever bless you until you open it and put Him on.

If you have opened it, when and where did you open the package? Do you still put Him on every day when you get up? Do you put Christ on to face and overcome each day? That’s what He wants, you know. That’s why He came; why He entered this world in that smelly, dirty old stable.

So make sure that on this Christmas Day you either: 

1. open your present and put Him on for the very first time; or

2. go find your unworn gift in the closet and put Him back on; or

3. thank Jesus for being your gift and for letting you wear Him every day.

Which number best fits you?

Prayer: Precious Father, You let Your One and Only Son come to earth for me. Oh, not just for me, but none the less for me. I sometimes forget to put Jesus on. I’m so sorry for that. I need Your help. Please love me enough to give me the daily reminders that I need to put Him on. I don’t ever want to forget again. And Father, please know that this Christmas present is absolutely the most wonderful gift I have ever received. Thanks and know that I love You more than I can put into words. Amen