Hope Has A Home


For many women, finding out you’re expecting can be an exciting moment full of joy. However, there are just as many women who unfortunately aren’t always as ecstatic to find they are carrying a growing form of life within them. Whatever their reasons, no one can deny that pregnancy can be scary and full of many questions of uncertainty, especially for first-time mothers, but also for someone who may find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy or is currently facing a difficult time in their life.

Fortunately, Pampa is one place where you can find free help and support during this time. The Pregnancy Support Center and Hope House Maternity Home provide many valuable resources for current and expectant mothers. From the moment you may even suspect your pregnancy you can receive a pregnancy test and, if positive, continue through with an ultrasound provided by trained RN, Yvette Cuar, which is then overseen by the support center’s volunteer doctor and medical director, Dr. Tanner Newman.

“I’m really thankful to have him. We cannot do this program without a doctor’s oversight,” said Executive Director, Monica Galloway. “Because he chose to volunteer we’re able to continue to do what we do.”

Unfortunately, while the City of Pampa has a women’s health clinic, there is no labor and delivery at the hospital and no currently practicing OBGYN, so these services are seen as more of a starting point for pregnant women, with the support center leading them to a doctor who can oversee their medical needs.

The support center has been doing ultrasounds since 2004, when they initially started, coming up on 20 years of serving the community. Currently, they are in need of a new ultrasound machine and have begun fundraising for that, so any donations are much needed and appreciated.

The center also provides classes and information to help new and expectant mothers, such as childbirth and parenting classes. New childbirth classes will be starting in October on Tuesdays. The classes cover things like pregnancy and birth, your birth plan and postpartum, breastfeeding and infant care. They include snacks and door prizes. Anyone wishing to take the classes need only to visit the support center to sign up.

The center also assists with the needs of mothers and young children by providing items such as diapers, formula and other essentials through their Benevolence Program. They can also provide maternity and children’s clothing as needed and as is available and always appreciate donations of these items.

The Pregnancy Support Center also runs Hope House Maternity Home, which serves as a place for pregnant women over the age of 18 to go if they don’t have a place to live.

“They can come live at the home and begin work on the program we have there,” said Galloway. “Which is parenting, life skills, budgeting, in a safe place.”

Luckily the community has gathered around Hope House and the support center, with many individual donors and churches giving grants to help with expenses. Usually, a banquet is held in February for fundraising and for the sponsors, and in the past, have done Walk for Lives. This year they will be a part of The Panhandle Gives, which takes part the Monday before Thanksgiving to the following Tuesday after Thanksgiving. During that time, anyone who donates to Panhandle Gives can designate it for Pregnancy Support Center and Hope House Maternity Home as the recipient, after which Panhandle Gives will add a bonus percentage of everything donated towards those funds.

One of their more fun fundraisers is the Baby Bottle benefit, where they will give out baby bottles for people to take home and fill with change to return to the center as a donation.

The support center will also assist mothers who are considering giving their child up for adoption as an option and will help connect those mothers to legitimate and credible agencies and people to help them through that process. They also provide a bible study group for people who may be seeking support or guidance post-abortion.

If you or someone you know is in need of any information or services provided by the Pregnancy Support Center or Hope House Maternity Home you can visit them at 210 N. Ward St, call the office at (806) 669-2229, or check out their website at www.pampapregnancycenter.com.