How could you…?


Say someone close to you paints a portrait of you.

They took the time to choose the perfect canvas, rubbing their own hand over every one in the store to find the perfect texture.

They took the time to sketch and erase and sketch some more. Scratched their head, looked off into the distance to picture every line before they etched it…

Took the time to choose the paints, then blend them into the colors that were just right…

Sat in front of this sketched canvas and applied every stroke of color that brought you to life in front of their eyes.

They paint, step back and stare at it from multiple angles and lighting. Paint some more…

Let it dry. Cure it so that it would last. They picture your excitement at seeing the beautiful gift they made for you.

They load it into their car, drive to wherever you are, and when they present it to you…

Would you say…

“There’s a gap in the teeth.”

“The hair color is off, it should be darker/lighter.”

“The hips are too narrow.”

“I don’t like the eye color you chose.”

“My cheeks are too fat.”

“The jaw is weak.”

“The ears are too big.”

I’m sure right now you’re thinking… “How could someone say that? They took all that time, of course I would be thrilled with a gift like this!”

But would you?

When God took the time to sculpt you, mold you, took a step back to adore you, and then breathed LIFE into you…

Why did you say…??

“My teeth are too crooked!”

“My hips are too narrow!”

“My hair is too dark!”

“My lips are too thin!”

“I’m too short!”

“I’m too tall!”

“I have too many freckles!”

Remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully made by a Father that took the time to perfect every detail.

He chose the canvas. He sketched you in His mind and applied the colors and texture. He thought out every last detail, mark and line.

How could you tell Him He didn’t do a good enough job?

Love the creation you are and that God rejoices in. The creation God Himself poured His love and life into. The creation that deserves more than to just be called good enough.

You are loved…

You are beautiful…

Every last detail of you.