Intersect Power Donates $100k to Pampa Chamber of Commerce Panhandle Strong Wildfire Relief Music Festival & Auction


The Smokehouse Creek Fire, now known as the largest wildfire in Texas history, has left a devastating trail of destruction across the Texas Panhandle. Roberts County, in particular, has been significantly impacted, with nearly 90% of its land burned.

In response to this unprecedented crisis, the Pampa Chamber of Commerce has announced a three-day music festival slated to take place from April 4th to April 6th. The festival aims to rally support for the affected communities and raise vital funds for the volunteer fire departments, ranchers, and farmers directly impacted by the fire.

“Our event aims to bring people together through the power of music, providing a platform to express solidarity and compassion for those affected.” - Cortnie Patterson, Executive Director of  Pampa Chamber of Commerce

To kickstart this initiative, Intersect Power has generously pledged a $100,000 donation to the Pampa Chamber of Commerce’s three day music festival to help support the communities greatly impacted by the fire. Moreover, they are actively reaching out to counterparts and organizations across the Panhandle, urging them to join in supporting this vital cause.

“Intersect Power is proud to stand alongside the Texas Panhandle communities that have been impacted as they come together and start to rebuild. As a company deeply rooted in community, we hope we can leverage our resources to support those affected by the Smokehouse Creek Fire. Together, through this event, we’re not just rebuilding, but showcasing the resilience and solidarity of the Texas Panhandle. We hope other companies in the area will rise to the occasion and support the rebuilding of these communities” - Sheldon Kimber, CEO & Founder of Intersect Power.