Learning How To Date


His name was Willie, a campus minister; we were having lunch, making small talk. I asked him how he met his wife and he replied, “When she taught me how to date.” I had heard a lot of replies to “how did ya’ll meet”, but never anything like that. So I asked for more info.

He asked Donna out and she said that she would first have to check with her dad. He thought that was a little strange. The next day she said her dad ok’d the date. He drove to her house on time and honked the car horn to let her know he was there. Nothing happened, so he honked again. Still nothing happened, so he got out of the car, walked to the front door, knocked and waited. Her dad answered the door and very politely invited Willie to come inside because Donna wasn’t quite ready. (later he learned that she actually was ready, part of the training process). He asked Willie to tell him a little about himself and his family; then he asked Willie if he would promise to take good care of Donna and then reminded him that they loved her so much. He then went to check on Donna and she came out. She took Willie’s breath away.

They walked to the front door, made it clear what time he would bring her home and headed to the car. Willie hopped in, put the key into the ignition and then glanced at the passenger door; Donna was standing outside. Willie freaked, jumped out of his side, ran around to her side apologizing profusely. Donna’s reply was, “Willie, don’t worry, you never had anyone teach you how to date. We can learn it all together.”

Willie was so relieved that he wasn’t in trouble. Willie said that he only had enough money to go to a fast food restaurant, Donna said that that was fine with her. They pulled up to Burger King, Willie hopped out, went inside, placed the order, waited for the food, picked out a table and watched the bathroom door. Donna didn’t come out. Wondering what was keeping her, he glanced out at the car, Donna was still sitting out in the car. Willie was so embarrassed again, he ran out to the car and once again profusely apologized. Again Donna replied, “Willie, don’t worry, you never had anyone teach you about dating, we can learn it all together.”

Willie told me, “You can’t imagine how many times things like that happened, but she was patient and kind and taught me how to date. So that’s how we met.”

The point of this article?

1- Boys, date with kind words and manners, she is worthy of that kind of treatment.

2- Boys, show her father respect, he has been her provider and protector since she was born; he is worthy of that treatment.

3- Girls, show the boy respect and kindness with your words and attitude, he is worthy of that treatment.

4- Both boys and girls- If the person you are dating is not worthy of kind words and thoughtful treatment, then you should not be dating them.

5- Both boys and girl- If the person you are dating doesn’t treat you with words of kindness and thoughtful consideration, then you should not be dating them.

God bless one and all.