Look Into The Magic Mirror


It’s a scientific fact that environment create,form,and manifest our reality or the illusion thereof.

Considering society’s threads that make up its fabric  of life the present looks bleak and tomorrow’s future seemingly has zero promise. The constant rise of COVID-19 in alarming stats not to mention the fall out of this years election the minds of the masses are challenged just to muster even a modicum of peace and tranquility. 

It’s imperative that we rewire our brains via bypass the conscious mind straight through to the subconscious mind(The Magic Mirror) which reflects and projects our thoughts and feelings in manifest on the theatre screen of space and time.

Instead of focusing on the bitter pill of propaganda I strongly suggest each morning upon waking and before going to bed which are alpha states of consciousness the subconscious is susceptible to subliminal and repetitive programming.

It’s the science of the mind that 30 days of repetitive thought and auto-suggestion old habits can be broken and new ones can be formed.

I suggest the reading,memory,and audible affirmation of Phillipians 4:8 will create a new neural path for behavior and the release of the  chemical dopamine in the brain and into the central nervous system (CNS) creating the emotions of joy,happiness,hope.

Philippians 4:8 is just the vaccine needed in today’s crumbling society for the science of the mind is the salvation of the soul.

-Progressive KingPriest Consciousnesses Learning Center, Dr.Billy R Woodard