Mothers, The Real Magicians


Sometimes when you ask God for something special, He smiles and says, “OK”.

With Mother’s Day upon us and our church’s annual Mother/Daughter Luncheon at hand, I asked God for something new to share with the special women of Hi-Land Christian Church. He smiled and said, “OK”.

I picked up the phone and called one of our gifted HCC men, who God has blessed with the skills of magic. Now Lee has spent hundreds of hours, maybe thousands, developing those gifts. I asked him to perform 4-5 of his favorite magic tricks. I only gave him one stipulation: your final trick has to be making something disappear. He was immediately gracious and agreed.

I don’t know which tricks he has chosen to perform later today, but I do know what God gave me to follow up that final disappearing trick. So here is something from the LORD for every mother, especially those gems at HCC.

Hey, moms, you do know that Lee doesn’t really make anything disappear when he performs his tricks, right? What he does is he makes it appear like it disappears. So I want to talk to you about some real magicians: MOTHERS. Moms can really make things disappear. If you are a mother, you have done it thousands of times. Not a trick, but real heavenly magic.

You probably don’t even remember the first time you assumed the role of your family’s personal Houdini. Likely it might have been some minor boo-boo, but it wasn’t minor to your little girl/boy; to them it hurt like the dickens. They immediately ran to you crying, “Mommy.” They knew where to run when they hurt. Without any real training, you knew immediately what to do. You picked them up, held them tight, checked out the boo-boo and then reached into your bag of magic and KISSED them. Your kiss made it all better. Oh, you may have added a few things to that kiss, maybe some ointment, maybe a Band-Aid, but it was the kiss that made it all better.

As they grew older, the boo-boos changed. Each year there were hundreds of different pains and hurts and only one thing remained the same: they knew where to run each and every time they hurt-MOM. Intellectually they got old enough to know that mom didn’t really have any fix-it-all medicine in her bag. But they only knew that mom’s kiss or hug or words or tears always made things better.

You see, the real magicians in this old world aren’t named Copperfield or Penn or Teller. They are named Shari or Sarah or Katy or Tamra or Linda or a million other names. Mothers are the real magicians of this hurting world.

If you don’t think so, consider this. When some young brute of boy does something special in front of a television camera, almost every one of them says what? “HI, MOM!” And when one of the famous ones makes it big, what is usually the first thing they spend their millions on? A new house or car for MOM!

Why has it been that way and why does it continue to be that way? Because they know who always made things better for them when they hurt and they want to somehow say, “THANKS, MOM.”

So on Mother’s day, relax and bask in the glory that comes with being MOM. And for an extra blessing, close your eyes and ask God to help you remember all of the times you were the center-stage family magician that God used to do His work of comforting the hurting. God bless.

Mike Sublett is a pastor at Hi-Land Christian Church, 1615 N. Banks St., Pampa, Texas 79065. Email him at