One arrested for aggravated robbery


Wednesday, May 11

• Jin Zicheng, 23, San Gabriel, Calif. was arrested by Gray County Sheriff’s Office for possession of marijuana greater than five pounds and less than/equal to 50 pounds.

• Luis Cano, 37, Pampa, was arrested by Pampa Police Department for aggravated robbery.

• Bradley Davis, 29, Pampa, was arrested by PPD for assault to cause bodily injury to a family member.

• Kyle Jackson, 48, Colorado Springs, Colo. was arrested by PPD for Other County- Platte County Missouri.

Thursday, May 12

• Jamie Berry, 28, Pampa, was arrested by GCSO for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, injury to a child/elderly/disabled with intent to bodily injury.

Friday, May 13

• Christina Ragan, 42, Pampa, was arrested by PPD for theft of property with two previous convictions.