One Arrested For Robbery


Tuesday, June 26

• Isaac Martin, 20, Pampa, was arrested by Pampa Police Department for robbery, engaging in organized criminal act and forgery.

• John Franklin Ellis, 45, Wichita Falls, was arrested by Gray County Sheriff’s Office for insufficient bond- tampering/fabricating physical evidence.

• Jessica L. Hinton, 27, Pampa, was arrested by PPD for capias pro fine- driving while license invalid and capias pro fine- failure to appear.


Wednesday, June 26

• Corbin Wood, 17, of Pampa, was arrested by the PPD on instanters for open container and unsafe change of lane.

• Lyndsey Morgan, 42, of Pampa, was arrested by the PPD on warrants for display of expired registration (x2), driving with a suspended licesnse, failure to maintain financial responsibility, running a stop sign (x2), and an expired license.

• Jaden Kugler, 22, of Pampa, was arrested by the PPD for sexual assault.

• Brenda Charping, 34, of Borger, was arrested by the GCSO for theft of property totalling $2,500 or more and possession of a dangerous drug.

• Jaylen Burnley, 18, of Pampa, was arrested by the PPD on two capias pro fines  for a curfew violation and having no driver’s license.