Pampa Animal Hospital celebrates one year under Dr. Jackson


Dr. Whitney Jackson has been the owner of Pampa Animal Hospital for almost a full year after taking over on June 26, 2020.

The transition to take ownership of the clinic saw a fair share of challenges.

“Covid, of course, presented separate challenges for us,” Dr. Jackson said. “I was pregnant during the transition and had her in August. But I jumped in just as soon as I could. But things have been going really good since. Things are super, super busy.”

Dr. Jackson came to Easley Animal Hospital under Dr. Ron Easley in 2019 after practicing in Spearman for five years.

“It was an absolute joy to work under Dr. Easley,” Dr. Jackson said. “He’s a great man and I learned a lot from him. He taught me a lot about compassion and finding joy in this field of medicine. He taught how to connect and bond with not only the pets, but the owners, too.”

As we head into the dog days of summer, Dr. Jackson said she has seen a lot of new puppies coming into her clinic and said it’s important to keep up with their vaccinations.

“A lot of people got new puppies during Covid,” Dr. Jackson said. “We’re seeing a lot of young dogs. So with young dogs they get diseases like parvo and the distemper virus. We’ve seen an up-tick in parvo cases.”

The heat has also led to some visits at Pampa Animal Hospital and Dr. Jackson said pet owners need to remember that it doesn’t have to be above 90 degrees for a dog to have a heat stroke.

“They can get heat strokes on an 80-degree day,” Dr. Jackson said. “It’s important for dog and puppy owners to remember they need to be properly vaccinated and also with this crazy weather for the pets to be brought inside in the air conditioning, if possible, or have kiddie pools for them to swim in. Also, lots and lots of access to fresh water.”

There are five staff members at Easley Animal Hospital.

Dr. Jackson, who grew up in Pampa, has seen several clients from when she was growing up.

“A lot of people knew me as a little kid,” Dr. Jackson said. “I’ve enjoyed working for my elementary teachers, high school English teacher or people I went to church with growing up. It’s been nice to take care of their pets.”

Dr. Jackson is married to her husband Landon, and the pair have two children Tripp and Janci.

For more information on Pampa Animal Hospital, visit their website at, Facebook page or call 806-665-7188.

“It’s a joy to be back in my hometown,” Dr. Jackson said. “I really enjoy caring for all of the pets in Pampa and it’s been a pleasure being a practice owner here. The clients are wonderful.”