Pampa ISD school board adopts 2022-23 budget


The Pampa Independent School District Board of Trustees met on Monday evening for a regularly-scheduled meeting where they adopted the budget for the upcoming 2022-23 school year.

“We have the general fund, child nutrition and the debt services fund,” Piatt said. “With all of those together, our budget will be $35,247,631. That will be broken out into 20 different funds.”

Most of the District’s funding comes from Average Daily Attendance. The District budgeted for an ADA of 2,990 students. Enrollment sits at 3,418 students.

“We feel like we are budgeting fairly conservative because we don’t know how many students will come to school as we continue to deal with aspects of Covid,” Piatt said.

The budget was approved later in the meeting with the tax rate public hearing to come in July. Speaking of the tax rate, Piatt said the rate will be lower by almost two cents this year.

“We were able to lower the tax rate almost two cents,” Piatt said.

The meeting also saw another public hearing, this one on the Tax Code 312/313 reinvestment zones for Proman.

“We have the agreement at the Comptroller’s Office to be evaluated,” Piatt said. “One of the pieces of that is this reinvestment zone. It can be done by the School District or the County. The School District process is easier so we opted to do that.”

The 200-acre zone will be where the new Proman facility will be located and will provide a tax break for the new green ethanol facility. The Board also approved a resolution concerning the reinvestment zone, but Piatt noted the District is still early in the process.

“The Comptroller is going to look over it and see if it’s in the best interest of the District,” Piatt said. “They will look over the 25-year span. There will be some more negotiating on that before it’s all said and done.”

During the school safety and committee report, Piatt noted PISD has a 20-person committee who meets four times a year made up of law enforcement, administration, teachers and more. Piatt added there will be three school resource officers across the six campuses, instead of the single SRO we are accustomed to.

The Board also approved the following items:

• Budget amendments. These items paid the field turf at Harvester Stadium and a computer server purchased several years ago.

• PISD meal prices. Each year, meal prices are evaluated. Last year meal prices were free for all students and school districts are still waiting for direction from the government on the matter. That being said, meal prices are going up 10 cents to $3.05 (elementary) and $3.55 (secondary).

• Resignation of PISD Board member Matt Brock.

• PISD Board member vacancy. The District will see applications for the position. The appointed board member will have to seek re-election within a year should they desire to do so.

• Board delegate for the 2022 TASB Convention. The Board selected Misty LeBlanc to go to the convention with David Godino as the alternate.

Consent agenda

• Monthly financial reports

• Board meeting minutes:  May 23, 2022, and May 31, 2022

• Contracts with Region XVI Service Center for the 2022-2023 school year

• Approve Pampa ISD fundraisers for the 2022-2023 year

• 2022-2023 PHS Choir Trip

• Renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between Pampa ISD and surrounding school districts regarding interlocal bussing of transfer students

• Agreement with Brown, Graham Company for 2022-2023 PISD audit

• Purchase of Chromebooks

• Sale of delinquent tax property

• Purchase STEMscopes

• Renewal of NWEA - Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) for 2022-2023

• Renewal of the Edgenuity program for 2022-2023

• Purchase of Mentoring Minds Think Up! with iReady on-line program

• Purchase Reading Horizons software, licenses, training / coaching


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