Patients from all-around came to PRMC for COVID-19 care


Pampa Regional Medical Center, as the name would have it, is truly a hospital that serves its entire region. Sometimes the services reach patients even further. During the surge of COVID- 19 that Gray County and the panhandle experienced in the months of October to December 2020, PRMC served as a resource for other hospitals to transfer patients to. While some of these were positive for COVID-19, others were admitted for other reasons, such as surgery or other medical needs. With beds filling up all over the state and across the country with patients, PRMC saw patients from several cities.

Below is a list of cities PRMC was able to accommodate patients from for care. Not all patients were received through transfer, some admitted by their PCP, the Emergency Department or other facility types. Within those three months, PRMC included 611 COVID-19 related patients in the Emergency Department along the usual patient types.

Pampa 0 miles 

Alanreed 2.8 miles 

Skellytown 13 miles 

Lefors 13 miles 

White Deer 14 miles 

Miami 23 miles 

Panhandle 27 miles 

Borger 28 miles 

Mobeetie 32 miles 

Groom 33 miles 

McLean 36 miles 

Sanford 39 miles 

Fritch 41 miles 

Howardwick 41 miles 

Stinnett 41 miles 

Briscoe 41 miles 

Wheeler 42 miles 

Claude 44 miles 

Clarendon 46 miles 

Canadian 46 miles 

Allison 51 miles 

Lelia Lake 52 miles 

Morse 57 miles 

Shamrock 57 miles 

Amarillo 58 miles 

Perryton 63 miles 

Farnsworth 65 miles 

Spearman 69 miles 

Dumas 70 miles 

Memphis 72 miles 

Gruver 72 miles 

Lipscomb 72 miles 

Sunray 73 miles 

Booker 79 miles 

Wellington 84 miles 

Cactus 84 miles 

Darrouzett 89 miles 

Happy 92 miles 

Silverton 98 miles 

Childress 103 miles 

Hereford 104 miles 

Texohma 105 miles 

Dalhart 108 miles 

Lockney 120 miles 

Dimmitt 121 miles 

Friona 126 miles 

Plainview 132 miles 

Quanah 132 miles 

Lubbock 178 miles 

Levelland 190 miles 

Tahoka 207 miles 

Henrietta 230 miles 

Abilene 255 miles 

Ackerly 259 miles 

San Angelo 315 miles 

Ft. Worth 326 miles 

Dallas 352 miles 

Goldthwaite 371 miles 

Canon 408 miles 

Grand Saline 420 miles 

Lindale 438 miles 

Austin 476 miles 

Conroe 546 miles 

Hallettsville 567 miles 

Leagues City 611 miles 

Boling 618 miles