Prophets & Prophecy, BEWARE


It seems like 2020 and the pandemic have brought out a zillion want-to-be prophets from under every rock. “God said …”. “The Bible prophesied the pandemic.” “I have a word from the LORD.” “The end is here.” It is very interesting how these prophecies often coincide with the release of a new book.

Am I saying that all prophecy is fake? NO, not at all. In fact, when God prophecies concerning the future, you can take it to the bank – IT WILL HAPPEN EVERY TIME JUST LIKE HE SAID IT WOULD! That has been the case now for over 6,000 years, ever since God first prophesied the coming of the Messiah in the Garden of Eden in Gen. 3:15. WHEN GOD SAYS IT, IT WILL HAPPEN!

What I am saying is that far too many preachers and other professing believers speak for God with bogus words that end up shaming God in the eyes of many when they do not come to pass. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen on social media or been told by a friend about a professing Christian telling someone: “God told me that He is going to heal you of your cancer.” And then that person dies of cancer. When that happens far too many aren’t disgusted with the professing Christian as they should be, but rather disappointed or even angry with God.

Know this: if someone proclaims that something specific is going to happen and then it does not occur, that person is a false teacher; have nothing to do with them. Now if they are willing to publicly apologize and repent for speaking out of line and for disgracing the LORD, then receive them back into your fellowship.

Know this: if someone prophecies something like this: “the LORD showed me in a dream that more people are going to die of Covid.”, they are no prophet and it didn’t come from the LORD. A blind unbeliever could make that prediction and be spot on correct. God’s prophetic words are specific and on the money every time. It is the fakes who make predictions of obvious events and then deliver them with a bold preacher-tone so that others will believe it is a real word from the LORD. These people are almost as dangerous as the false teachers.

Know this: no one except Father God knows when THE END will be. Mt. 24:36 So the moment someone pronounces a time frame for the final day, they are a liar. If it was that day or that time, then they would know what only Father God knows. LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE! Don’t listen to them; cover your ears.

Know this: the only thing that anyone has the right to say about THE END is this: THE END will happen one day and so you better be ready for Judgment Day. Anything more about time frame or day only comes out of the mouths of book sellers and false teachers.

Am I riled up? You betcha. Last night we were in 1 Kings 22 and I was reminded of how many are willing to be fake prophets and speak what others want to hear. Ahab had 400 bogus prophets willing to tickle his ears. In contrast, the real deal prophet, Micaiah, pronounced the word of the LORD and it came to pass letter upon letter, line upon line. Guess what price he paid for proclaiming a true word from the LORD: prison with only bread/water. Micaiah’s book and media sales didn’t top the charts, but everything he spoke about Ahab’s and Jezbel’s end, happened just like he said.

Prophets? Prophecies? BEWARE! Few true prophets; few true prophecies, so be careful who you listen to and even more careful who you believe. And remember that your protection is the Word of God, your Bible. Know it well. God bless.

Mike Sublett is a pastor at Hi-Land Christian Church, 1615 N. Banks St., Pampa, Texas 79065. Email him at