Summer Goes Out with a Bang

Lightning Strikes Tree on Zimmers


Last week, lightning struck a tree on Zimmers and wreacked havoc on a local home and vehicle.

“I was sitting there watching (tv) a little bit before midnight and all of a sudden I saw a flash and a loud (boom),” shared Joel Cummings, witness to the incident.

“Come to find out, it was the neighbor’s tree. Lightning had struck it.”

The tree seemed to partially explode, sending bark-shrapnel into Cumming’s neighbors home and burying it into the brick lining the outside of the home.

“The bark blew through the neighbor’s bedroom window. They said it embedded into their drywall,” Cummings shared.

“It (the tree) didn’t fall, it just split in half because it got hit at the root. It blew the bark off and I guess it arced because it fried the computer in my step-dad’s truck. He tried to start it the last few days and he can’t get it to start.”

The tree was located less than six feet from Cumming’s driveway.

The Pampa News is happy that there were no injuries and hopes that the repairs go smoothly for both Cumming’s step-dad and his neighbor.