The Renfrees: The Best Music You’ve Never Heard……


An amazing couple, we are thrilled to welcome The Refrees back to Pampa.

Andi and Ren have finished their new Album “97 Acres” in their studio (Sound Catcher Recording) in Nashville, . This new CD is full of 11 wonderful, new (and some older) songs with beautiful production by Ren and Andi Renfree.

You’ll be able to hear some cuts from this and lots more on Thursday, April 7th at the Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center. The show will start at 6PM at 320 S Cuyler. No charge at the door but donations will be appreciated. Doors open at 5pm.

Husband and wife Ren and Andi Renfree met online in 2003, on a musician’s songwriting website. They wrote a lot of songs, between Ren’s home state of California and Andi’s adopted state of Texas before meeting in person. There was a definite chemistry, from the start, which is immediately evident to all who see them perform together.

Ren moved to Texas in 2004 and they were married in 2005. The duo spent seven years touring as two-thirds of the award-winning Texas folk trio 2-Bit Palomino before leaving Houston and moving to Nashville in 2015 to pursue their passions of Songwriting and Production.

They love to travel and enjoy sharing their heartfelt songs and signature harmonies with audiences in a variety of venues. Their music is a combination of deep, soulful lyrics and fun, bouncy melodies, in the Western & Americana style.

More outstanding entertainment coming soon. We will be presenting Randy Palmer, an Americana singer/songwriter from Amarillo on Tuesday, June 7th. Randy will also be previewing his new album, Deeper Water.

Don’t forget the Friday Night Jam sessions every week starting at 6pm. Everyone is welcome! Call Mike at 806 665 0883 / 806 664 0824 for more information.