Tired? No, Re-Tired


Our beautiful historic Pampa Post Office was a “party place” Friday morning, 5/19/2023, as we gathered to express our good wishes to two former USPS employees. If you have noticed the absence of Robert Schwab, clerk at the first window, it is because after being credited with 43 years of service, he decided to turn in his badge, officially retiring 11/1/2022. He does miss the great customers and wonderful friends he made at the post office, however. Robert’s very sweet daughter Linda was with us to celebrate. And we also recognized Darla Lemon for her 32 year career as a PTF (part-time flexible clerk), and then as a NTFT (non-traditional full time clerk) running the Skellytown Post Office on her retirement date of 2/24/2023. Darla was accompanied by her husband Todd and 3 of her adorable grandchildren (Eliza, Hezekiah and Malachi), which I suspect will be a big part of her retirement adventures! Darla said she is enjoying retirement but had the pleasure of working with some outstanding people. These two folks have retired from their jobs, but clearly not from life, keeping busy and engaged with enjoyable activities. We wish them well as they enjoy this new phase of their lives!