Trust Jesus


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

The shootings that happened in Buffalo and Uvalde as well as other places across our nation have been disturbing. The loss of life has been terrible and has caused our nation to call for changes to be made.

Then there are some dealing with cancer, heart issues and upcoming surgeries. Some have lost loved ones and are struggling with their loss. Now they’re searching for relief in the midst of it all.

The storms of life continue to rise in our lives. Sometimes we dread new storms because of the discomfort and pain. We just want to live our lives where storms are not as intense and reach the land that is promised.

A week ago, storms rolled across the Texas panhandle. We received some much-needed rain, but faced some possible storms that could have brought hail and damaging wind. As I thought about this I thought about a storm in Scripture.

In Luke 8:22-25 tells us that Jesus and His disciples were heading across the Sea of Galilee to the area of the Gerasenes. Jesus went to sleep and then the storm began to rise. The wind blew and the waves crashed against the side throwing the boat side to side.

The disciples were afraid and asked Jesus why He didn’t care they were perishing. Jesus rebuked the wind and the waves then the sea became calm. I can only imagine the relief they felt as things quieted down. What had threatened them was now gone and there was peace.

The question that Jesus asked in v.25 is one we need to hear. He asked them, “Where is your faith?” The disciples missed the truth that their deliverer was with them all along. They missed out when they failed to trust God in the midst of the storm because they couldn’t see His hand move.

We often miss out in the midst of the storms in our lives. We focus so much on the storms in our lives that we can’t see the Master of the storm. Our God never shuts down. He is vigilant in His care for us.

Isaiah 50:2a says – “Why was there no man when I came? When I called, why was there none to answer? Is My hand so short that it cannot ransom? Or have I no power to deliver?......”

Storms are going to come to the Texas panhandle. Likewise, storms are going to rise in our lives. The question we need to ask is – “Where is our faith?” If we will simply trust Jesus, He will take care of us.

A song comes to my mind. The words and music are by Joel Hemphill. “My boat of life sails on a troubled sea/ whenever there’s a wind in my sails / but I have a friend who watches over me / when the breeze turns into a gale.” 2nd “Sometimes I soar like an eagle to the sky / among the peaks my soul can be found / an unexpected storm may drive me from the heights / bring me low, but never brings me down.” Chorus: I know the Master of the wind, / I know the Maker of the rain. / He can calm the storm make the sun shine again / I know the Master of the wind.”

We are going to face storms in our lives. There will be times when the waves crash so hard against the boat of our lives that we will feel that all is lost. Yet that is when we must ask – “Where is my faith?” As we place our faith and trust in the Master of the wind, Jesus will deliver us in the midst of the storm.

Yes, we may have to pass through the storm, but Jesus will be there as that storms Master. No matter what storm you are facing today, place your faith in Jesus and He will bring you through.

JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, there IS something about that name!!

Christ only, always,

Bro. Paul