A Heartfelt Christmas Tradition: The Guess Home


The quaint house on 1900 Charles Street has had its fair share of homeowners throughout the years. Though the house sat empty from 1965 to 1975; the home was involved in a lawsuit that was eventually settled in the Texas Supreme Court; and in 1970, the address was changed from 1902 to 1900 Charles. Nonetheless, Mike and Brenda Guess, who have been the current homeowners since the mid-90s, have made decorating their home a Christmas tradition.

Guess, a life-long Pampa local, met her husband, Mike, when they were both attending Texas Tech. Eventually, the Guess Family bought the house on 1900 Charles Street. They quickly began renovating their house though not before the Guess’ learned of their home’s interesting secret. Thanks to its unique history and previous homeowners, the house has hardly any record of its original layout.

“We don’t know if the house was originally one or two-bedroom,” Guess said. "There’s been so many changes over the years. We learned something about the house every time we renovated.”

The renovation concluded in 2018 and the house now includes all new kitchen, baths, bedrooms, utility room, electrical and plumbing, floors, heating and air conditioning, and windows. With all the changes they made to their home, Guess held fast to bring her endearing family traditions alive every year.

“My parents always had a big tree. Usually, we decorated our tree when the Wizard of Oz was playing,” Guess said. “The movie was always playing around Christmas time. Eventually, I would always remember decorating the tree when the Wizard of Oz was on.”

Guess reminiscence of the days when she was young and the family went to downtown during the holidays. Roberta’s would have a big beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the front window. At that time, the trees were all decorated one color. Guess’ mother would similarly decorate their tree the same way.

“My mother would decorate the tree in one color. One year it was red, one year it was gold,” Guess said.

Though she has followed the family tradition of decorating the tree, Guess has added her unique spin to it.

“Everything is on it, it’s not one color,” Guess chuckled. “It’s funny how your parents tradition influences your decorating.”

Many of the Christmas decorations Guess uses has been collected over the years that offers an additional sentimental value. There are ornaments Guess has had since her children were young, ornaments from Leonard’s (now known as Dillard’s) and ornaments and decorations that were given to Guess by her mother.

“There’s lots of different memories on my tree,” Guess said.

The Christmas season is one of Guess’ favorites. This year has been the one filled with the most decorating. Guess fondly remembers the Christmases she spent with her family growing up.

“We always had big Christmases. If any family member or friend were by themselves, they were always invited,” Guess said. “Our family wasn’t ever apart. We were always together.”

Guess expresses her sincerest gratitude to those who helped decorate the Guess Home this Christmas season.

“I would like to thank Brandon and Nick  from Brandon’s Flowers & fine Gifts for all their support and the things they’ve done for me,” Guess said. “I would also like to thank Gracie Powell who helped me with decorating.”

The tour of homes will happen Sunday, December the 11th. Tickets can be purchased from any members of the Twentieth Century Cotillion Study Club, or at the door of the homes when the tour begins.

*Parts of this article Provided by the Twentieth Century Cotillion Study Club*