A New Level of Care, Gray County Veterinary Clinic


A new face can be found at Gray County Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Carrie Jo Koonce is the newest addition to the GCVC team serving Pampa and surrounding communities. Koonce is originally from Southwest Kansas and attended Kansas State for veterinary medicine. After working in the Oklahoma’ panhandle for over four years, Koonce and her husband, Ty, moved to Pampa.

“I got into being a vet simply because I loved medicine and science,” Koonce said. “And of course I love animals, so it was the perfect fit for all three things I had interest in.”

From her experience in Oklahoma, working at a clinic serving both large and small animals, Koonce is no stranger to working on animals of all sizes.

“For me, I just love animals,” Koonce said. “Big or small, I love getting to help animals. But my favorite thing to do is deliver calves, I love it.”

Koonce and her husband were relocated to Pampa after her husband, Ty, was transferred to Pampa with Capital Farm Credit. Koonce, along with years of experience, also has certification to perform chiropractics on animals.

“It works the same as it would with humans,” Koonce said. “I found out about it from buying a horse that had already been regularly seen by a chiropractor, and I was able to be close enough to see it.”

With the timing right over the past year, Koonce was able to take the course in Dallas at Parker University in Dallas. After the five month long course, Koonce took her boards in Oklahoma and was officially able to offer that service to any animal.

“If it has a spine we can adjust it,” Koonce said. “I’ve been able to work on animals of all sizes.”

Along with her many talents and specialties, Koonce and her husband are also big polo fans.

“We have really good friends in that area that have owned Mariposa Polo for many years,” Koonce said. “When we moved back to the area we got more involved with the sport.”

While Koonce herself only practices for fun her husband, Ty, has taken part in tournaments.

“There’s a lot that goes into it,” Koonce said. “While I haven’t taken part in an actual tournament, I’ve gotten to watch some and it takes a lot of people and horses, it’s a big event.”

Koonce stated that Pampa is the biggest city she’s lived in, aside from her time in college.

“Pampa actually has stop lights,” Koonce said. “Where I’m from, we don’t even have stop lights.”

But the care and community is what keeps Koonce and her husband happily in Pampa.

“Pampa is an amazing town, and the level of care that Dr. Gordzelik and everyone here at the clinic provides care that is above and beyond,” Koonce said. “It makes it such a nice place to work.”

With her new specialties and experience, Gray County Veterinary Clinic is pleased to be the home for Koonce to continue to provide care to animals across all sizes.