Back2Activity Relocated

The company moved from it’s spot on Hobart next to Banks St, but still running at full speed to aid with all your needs


By Caleb Dorn

Back2Activity was founded in Pampa in 2019 by Kimerlea Moore who moved to Pampa when she was nine years old. Moore attended Texas Tech for her masters and graduated in ‘04 and moved back and started working at different places in and around Pampa.

“I’ve been working in physical therapy around Pampa for a while,” Moore said. “So I finally decided I wanted to open my own place back in 2019 and we’ve been going strong since then.”

The company started out next door to Wayne’s Western Ware on Hobart, but was able to purhcase the old Pack-N-Mail location in August of 2022.

“We loved where we were at, but it was exciting to be able to purchase our own building,” Moore said. “I do have to thank my husband Michael and son Jackson for all the hard work they did getting this building ready for us to open the doors.”

Moore and her husband are both Pampa graduates.
“We’re both Pampa graduates, so Pampa is home to us,” Moore said. “It’s just been so amazing being able to have my own practice in this town and serving the amazing people we get to see.”
With the new building, they now offer a private therapy room for clients needing a quiet space.

“The private therapy room allows us to better serve our clients,” Moore said. “Sometimes you just need a space to yourself, or you may not want to be in therapy around other people. It can be difficult, and we understand that, so being able to offer this is a big addition to what we do.”

Back2Activty treats all ages and wound care. Plus, Moore has a specialty in Parkinson’s. One of the bonuses of the new location, Moore noted, was that the traffic was less, and parking isn’t a challenge for clients.

“We see a lot of after surgery patients and wound care,” Moore said. “We see a lot of sports injuries and balance therapy is a big thing.”

The facility also has specialization in concussion therapy, an additional schooling Moore went to, to be able to better serve her community. For folks with vertigo, Back2Activity also offers treatment for those suffering.

“We can see patients for two weeks without a doctors orders,” Moore said. “If the treatment is longer than that, then we’ll have to get a doctors order.”

They also offer an exercise group that meets on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Fridays’s.

“The exercise group isn’t therapy, it’s just designed to keep people active and healthy,” Moore said. “Anyone is welcome, it’s just another additon we wanted to add.”

The office is happy to see any client that may have questions, they can be reached at their office by calling at (806) 419-1168

“I really would like to thank my family for everything, the support made this possible. God and my family are my backbone.” Moore said. “Our clinic and staff take a lot of pride in serving our community, we want them to leave here blessed, and in return we are always blessed.

The new location of Back2Activity is 1320 N. Banks.