Batty Babes Ink


Pampa’s newest tattoo shop, Batty Babes Ink located in the Pampa Mall, has taken the industry by storm by being one of the very few female-owned and operated tattoo shops in the Texas Panhandle.

The trio includes artist Isabel Espino, aka Izzy, artist Shaylee Espino, aka Goth Babe, and piercer Kenzi Marshall, each one offering something special and unique, both in art and atmosphere. 

“I specialize in hyper color which is like super neon teals and pinks and stuff like that and our other artist specializes in realism like flowers and portraits. She does really good full color realism and font,” Shaylee said.

None of them are strangers to the tattoo and piercing scene, their passion for art spanning many years and after doing a ton of research on the business aspect and going through the motions of certifications, licenses and apprenticeships, the trio felt it was time to take the leap and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the male-dominated industry.   

“We were just three girls trying to figure everything out,” Shaylee laughed.

“We decided we wanted a safe place for everybody. But we wanted a woman to be able to come in and feel comfortable getting an intimate tattoo or piercing.”

With the advice of folks familiar with opening up a business, the Batty Babes decided to open up in the Pampa Mall and the businesses within, including Bear’s Backyard BBQ and Cosmic Soup, have been more than supportive.

“We were just looking for a space that was going to be friendly to people who are new to opening a business. We got information from a lot of people and they told us to go for a place that’s getting up and running again that needs a little love but that you can build from the ground up,” Shaylee said.

In what would be considered a competitive industry, especially in a small town like Pampa, the artists at Top of Texas Tattoo, soon to be known as Gypsy Iron Tattoo, has even welcomed them into the industry.

“The fact that the local artists are being welcoming is amazing and we were even scared of the community not welcoming us, but the support has been overwhelming.” 

Although Batty Babes Ink has only been open since February, they have quickly made a name for themselves, their numerous clients serving as walking testimonials to the talent each one possesses.

“It’s your skin. It’s what you look at every day and if you have a bad tattoo, your eyes immediately go to it when you’re picking yourself apart. So if we can make you feel a little bit better about yourself, it’s wonderful,” Shaylee said.

But it’s not only the art that appeals to the potential clients-the atmosphere and friendly disposition of the shop promises a pleasant experience for a first-timer who’s not sure what to expect walking into a tattoo and piercing shop.

“We were looking through our mentions and our reviews on Facebook the other day and one of our top reviews is that we are welcoming and people feel comfortable and that was such a compliment and that’s what we strive for,” Shaylee said.

“Don’t be scared of this community, not everyone is scary,” Kenzi laughed.

In a world full of DIY tutorials and Youtube videos, many people have taken on tattooing and piercing out of their homes, a dangerous endeavor for both the artist and client.

Batty Babes encourages those who are wanting to get into the field to not only do their research, but to reach out to professionals who know the ins and outs of the industry, from sterilizing the stations and equipment to the types of skin and how to work with them. 

“If anyone wants to get into tattooing or piercing, we’d much rather them come up here and hang out with us and watch how it’s done instead of them doing it at their house and on their own and give someone a disease,” Shaylee said.

Their passion for art and wanting to make a difference in the lives of people is what drives Batty Babes to be exceptional in every piece that they do and every piercing they give, whether the client already has tattoos and piercings or a client who is getting their first tattoo at 70, and Batty Babes wants to ensure that everyone is welcome. 

“Being able to take someone’s art that they’ve had in their head since they were 16 and put it on their body exactly the way they want it is fantastic,” Shaylee said.

“It’s so wonderful seeing a newfound confidence in people whenever they get a tattoo. I’ve had some people come and get something the size of a quarter and they feel a million times better after a long week.”

For more information or to view each artist’s extensive portfolio, visit their Facebook page, Batty Babes Ink, or visit their location at 2545 Perryton Parkway in the Pampa Mall, Wednesday through Sunday from 12 PM to 8 PM. 

Take advantage of their monthly flash sales where you can pick your favorite piece from a wall of nearly 100 drawings to choose from at a reasonable price. The drawings are one of a kind and are never recirculated, so you can be sure to have a piece that no one else has.