Be Aware, Take Care this New Years Eve


This New Year’s Eve, people will be celebrating all throughout the day. The Gray County Sheriff’s Office offers their advice to stay safe this holiday. Michael “Big Mac” Ryan has been the Sheriff of Gray County for seven years. Ryan reflects upon his experience pertaining to New Year’s Eve in Gray County.

“We’ve been pretty lucky around here on New Years,” Ryan said. “Yes, you get the occasional drunk driver or a few parties we need to break up, however New Years hasn’t been too troublesome.”

Ryan expressed that people need to be extremely cautious when driving on this day.

“As always, be a defensive driver,” Ryan said. “ Be aware of your surroundings. If you see somebody drinking and driving, you want to call us.”

The Gray County Sheriff’s Office will have extra deputies on duty and rides will be available all day for those who are unable to get home safely. Call (806)669-5700 for assistance.

“The deputies are not just out for drunk drivers, they’re out there to get sober people off the road,” Ryan said.

As well, Ryan encourages the community to have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.

“Be courteous, be safe, and think of others,” Ryan said.

In Lefors, the City Marshal, Hayden Gray, offered his advice to stay safe this holiday. Gray has been the City Marshal since July of this year. Prior to that, he worked as a Police Officer for the El Paso Police Department for two years.

“One thing to remember is, if you’re going to be driving on this day, other people may be drinking and driving even if you’re not,” Gray said. “Pay attention to the roads and drive as safe as you can.”

Gray will be on duty on New Year’s Eve and he encourages people to call 911 if situations start to get out of hand.

“If people have any issues, even if it’s minor, to call 911,” Gray said. “It’s better to have us out there before a situation escalates so we may, hopefully, prevent it.”

To highlight the importance of sober and safe driving, Gray also reiterates his zero tolerance on drinking and driving.

“When I first started, I mentioned that I have a zero tolerance when it comes to drinking and driving,” Gray said. “If I catch you, at any distance, drinking and driving, I will arrest you.”

As well, Gray encourages the Lefors community to have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.

As a reminder, call 911 for any issues you may experience. If you are unable to get back home safely and need a ride, call (806)669-5700.