Firefighter Helps Deliver First Grandchild When Pregnant Daughter Stops at His Station for Bathroom Break

“Natural instincts kind of took over,” said Georgia firefighter Bret Langston, who did his part in making sure granddaughter Adalynn entered the world safely


A Georgia firefighter will always share a special connection with his granddaughter thanks to the unique way she entered his world.

Bret Langston was on duty at the Austell Fire Department on the morning of Feb. 10, when his daughter woke up feeling contractions, according to Good Morning America.

At the time, Hannah Langston, 18, said she thought it wasn’t “that big of a deal,” so she didn’t head over to the birthing center until later that morning, per the outlet.

Since her dad’s station was on the way, it seemed like a good place to stop for a bathroom break — but “things happened fast from there!” according to a post from the City of Austell announcing the baby’s arrival.

Although “the ambulance was called” there just wasn’t any time to get to the hospital, according to the city’s post.

Fortunately, Bret had experience with delivering babies.

“I’ve been in the fire service for a little over 28 years and I have delivered multiple children — probably my best guess would be between 10 and 12 — and so just natural instincts kind of took over,” he told GMA.

Another stroke of luck? Since they were so close to the hospital, his daughter’s doula was able to get there in time.

About 10 minutes after getting his daughter set up, his granddaughter was born.