Gray County 4-H Horse Project


Gray County 4-H has a plethora of exciting programs for their members to join every year. One such program, the Horse Project, teaches 4-H members all about horses and how to properly take care of them. Amy Gallemore, former Gray County 4-H member and equestrian enthusiast, is this year’s instructor for the Horse Project.

In addition to being an instructor for Gray County 4-H, Gallemore has much experience training horses and teaching horseback riding lessons. She has been horseback riding since the 7th grade and was a member of Gray County 4-H for around eight years. This is Gallemore’s second year being involved with 4-H and first year as instructing the Horse Project herself.

“The Horse Project is where kids can come and learn about horses,” Gallemore said. “We learn about the different kinds of breeds, colors, and anatomy about horses. We also learn a little bit how to ride horses.”

The Horse Project is a year round program that 4-H members can sign up for at the start of each enrollment period. Though horses are self-provided, 4-H members do not need to own a horse to be involved in the Horse Project.

“Any child is welcomed to join,” Gallemore said. “You don’t need a horse to be involved.”

As of now, there are roughly seven 4-H members that are part of the Horse Project. Gallemore is looking forward to more members joining and providing more experiences for current members.

“I’m looking forward to bring in professionals around the area to teach the kids about horses,” Gallemore said. “I’m hoping to see if we can go to the veterinarian in Amarillo and set up a tour for the kids.”

For more information about the Gray County 4-H Horse Program, give them a call at (806) 669-8033.