Hamburger Station celebrates 38 years of success


Ed and Christie Robinson just celebrated their 38th year of being in business on Tuesday, Sept. 13. This success is built on years of consistency, relationships built with members of the community and Highway that brings in diners from across the country. 

The Robinsons say that their Pampa patrons have never failed them, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We just want to thank Pampa for patronizing us all the time and being here for us. We never had to shut down for the pandemic, we just piled up the tables and chairs and did take out,” Ed said. 

The highway and railroad has brought the Robinsons success over the years, as well. 

“We have a lot of truck drivers that come in every day. They are really good to us, and the highway is good to us. This is the most-travelled highway in Texas.”

“We still have a lot of trains that stop and eat here too,” Ed says.

The Robinsons have been at their same location for so long that they saw the last steam engine that travelled through Pampa, the last Barnum and Baily Circus train and even the last Pantex nuclear train. 

“When we opened, we had $1.29 cheeseburgers, 49-cent french fries and 50-cent cokes,” Ed said. 

While the prices may have gone up since their original opening, their food providers have not changed. Consistency has been key for the Robinsons over the years. 

“The entire time that we’ve been here, we’ve bought hamburger meat from Clint and Sons. We have stayed with Affiliated grocers.”

“The only time we change it is when they (food companies) change it,” Christie added. 

“We’ve pretty well established what people want,” Ed said. 

While the Robinsons have not changed the menu, the recipes or food providers, they have started doing specials in the last few years. 

“We have started doing red beans and noodles, chicken livers, and meatloaf, things that aren’t on the menu,” Christie said. 

“And about two years ago, we started doing the cinnamon rolls. We make those every day. I don’t like them going over to the next day. You can go to the day-old store and get that,” Christie said. 

In addition to these specials, the Hamburger Station has also started serving free pinto beans with every meal.

“We have people drive over here from Amarillo every Saturday just for the beans,” Christie said. 

The Robinsons have established strong relationships with their regular customers and employees. 

“We have groups of guys that come in here every day to eat breakfast. We have truck drivers that come in any time they pass through Pampa. We have people that travel from Canadian, Miami, Amarillo and all over the place just to eat here,” Christie said. 

“One of our customers, we’ve had a young child and he still comes in here today. He’s a trial lawyer in Fort Worth now, and he still comes to eat here when he comes to Pampa,” Ed said. 

“His mother worked for us too, and she’s an RN out at the hospital here now.” Christie added.

The Hamburger Station has been a starter job for many, and the Robinsons proudly keep track of their former employees and what they are doing today. 

“We’ve had several girls that have become RNs that worked here. We have another girl that came in and worked with us through the DACA system with the schools. Then she went to the Navy, and she’s retired from the Navy now. That’s how long we’ve been here,” Ed said. 

The Robinsons would like to thank the people of Pampa for their continued support and are grateful for the many, many relationships they have established with both customers and employees over the years. 

“I just want to thank the people of Pampa,” Ed said. 

“They have always been so good to us.” 

If you would like to congratulate Ed and Christie, make sure to drop by The Hamburger station at 11820 US 60 and make sure to try some of the cinnamon rolls while you are at it- you won’t regret it.