Heroic Act From a Bobcat


Christian Aguilar, a fifth grader from Lamar Elementary was awarded for his heroic act. The Amarillo PD and Pampa PD both praised him for what he’d done to help his brother, and potentially others. Aguilar and his family were out for a family day in Amarillo eating at a Chinese buffet. Aguilar and his younger brother went to the bathroom when they noticed a gentleman waiting in the bathroom. Shortly after entering, the man attempted to abduct Aguilar’s brother from the bathroom stall he was in. Aguilar sprung into action and began attacking the guy. Aguilar was able to cause a big enough scene, attacking the stranger any way he could. After the commotion, the restaurant became aware and contacted the Amarillo PD.

“Our police department reached out to me about the event,” Lamar Elementary Principal, Troy McClendon said. “When Amarillo PD arrived, they arrested the guy after running his background and finding out who he was. He was a registered sex offender that they were actively looking for.”

One of the motor officers on the arrest with the Amarillo PD is friends with Pampa PDs motor sergeant, Jon Hammond. After making the arrest, the motor officer reached out to Hammond to inform him of just how important and notable this event was for Amarillo PD and anyone around this stranger. After learning of the story, Hammond contacted McClendon to fill him in on the story and ask if they could honor him.

“Officer Hammond reached out to me and asked if they could come to the school to honor him,” McClendon said. “I told him absolutely, yes. Both of our motor officers were present, and two rows of squad cars all showed up at the school. It was a cool moment, not just for Christian, but for us as well. I mean, at a young age to spring into action like that isn’t something to be overlooked. The schools and the police department have been pushing and focusing on showing our students how valuable our officers are and what amazing things they do. Our chief (Chief Lance Richburg) has been fully supportive in showing students that officers aren’t villains in any way, they’re here to protect us. This event was just another way to build the positive experience our students have with our officers.’

The motor officers, Erika Armentrout and Jon Hammond,v gave Aguilar a special patch that only the motor officers have, in addition to making him an honorary member of their squad. McClendon also added that in the Lamar way, “A” stands for awareness, and Aguilar showed that perfectly.

“His actions were a representation of situational awareness,” McClendon said. “He knew his brother was in danger, and immediately without hesitation went into the danger to protect his brother. It made me proud just to be from the same school as him.”

Without going into the details of what all occurred in the bathroom, Christian recounts the moment that has lead him to be recognized as a hero.

“We went into the bathroom and there was a guy there trying to do wrong things,” Christian Aguilar said. “My little brother is only seven, I’m his big brother, I protect him. I didn’t think I would get all of this from the police, I just protected my little brother. It was cool getting to see the police officers, I got stickers and took photos with them. I want to be like them when I grow up, to become a police officer.”

Aguilar advice to anyone in a dangerous situation?

“Protect them, the people you care about, and everyone,” Aguilar said. “Protect your siblings and family.”