Jade + Co Boutique & Creamery

§ How Two Women Went From Educators to Entrepreneurs


On Saturday, April 20, the citizens of Pampa hit the bricks to attend the Jade + Co Boutique & Creamery’s grand opening, the newest addition to the power strip of locally- owned businesses in the historic downtown.

Located at 211 N. Cuyler, the vibrant storefront certainly can’t be missed, ushering passersby through its doors where they will be greeted by the owners who are just as warm, welcoming and friendly.

The company name, Jade, is a clever and absolutely perfect representation of the business, as it serves as an acronym for its owners and operators: Justin, Autumn, Dakota and Ethan.

But not only does the name of the company unveil the actual names of those involved, Jade also serves a symbolic purpose: the precious green stone resembling perseverance, healing, acceptance, love and wisdom-values and virtues that embody what the company and its owners are all about.

The founders, Dakota Kenney and Autumn Hunt, describe their entrepreneurial endeavor as a blessing and divinely-timed, when they were approached by Tiffany Kimmell, owner of Sweet T’s Clothing Company with the offer of buying her store just when the two long-time friends were discussing the future they envisioned for themselves.

“Autumn and I had went on a cruise and we were talking about our dreams and aspirations. I’m really good friends with Tiffany and about two days after we got back, she approached me and said she was thinking about selling her store and wondered if we would be interested,” Dakota said.

“I said well, that’s funny because we were just talking about this. It was a blessing from God. I told my husband that my 5-year plan was to work for myself and it happened about two months after I told him that.”

Both Dakota and Autumn are current full-time employees finishing out their tenure before solely focusing on their new business: Autumn being a teacher at Travis Elementary and Dakota working for Carmichael-Whatley, also having been an educator herself.

But Dakota and Autumn are not the only women who went from educators to entrepreneurs, as Mayra Campbell of The Rose Quartz and The Garden Owl had also been a teacher for Pampa ISD before embarking on a new and fulfilling career path.

Dakota and Autumn, along with their husbands, Justin and Ethan, have made themselves at home, snuggled in their spot on the bricks and are excited to become the newest addition to the ever-expanding downtown collection of locally-owned businesses that keeps the heart of Pampa beating.

Their store offers ecclectic women and children’s fashion and accessories including Consuela bags and Judy Blue Jeans, a build-your-own ice cream sundae bar with a number of toppings to choose from and a unique menu of sweet treats that include the ‘bubble waffle’, which I can personally say was absolutely delicious and so fun to eat!   

Their grand opening on Saturday was highly successful and the enthusiasm of the community was overwhelming and humbling to the new business owners, further validating that the love and support that circulates among Pampa will always remain unmatched. 

Jade + Co Boutique & Creamery’s hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday from 11 AM to 6 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM.