Lefors Lady Pirates vs McLean Tigers


Final Score: 25 - Lefors Lady Pirates vs. 79 - McLean Tigers

The Lefors Lady Pirates faced off against the McLean Tigers in their third to last game of the season.

The first game of the night started off on an amusing note as the game clock was counting upwards. Once the clock was fixed, the game resumed. The first round Player 5, Jordan Taylor, scored the first basket for the Lefors Lady Pirates. Unfortunately, during the last three minutes of the first quarter, Player 10, McKayla Winkler, suffered an injury and had to sit out for the rest of the game. The first round ended with the McLean Tigers gaining the upper hand with 25 points.

Throughout the second and third rounds, the McLean Tigers widened their lead against the Lefors Lady Pirates. At end of the third round, the McLean Tigers had 68 points to the Lefors Lady Pirates’ 18 points.

Though they tried their best to close the gap, the Lefors Lady Pirates ultimately lost to the McLean Tigers, with the total score being 25 to 79.

Head Coach of the Lefors Lady Pirates, Brian Doss, spoke optimistically about the outcome of the game.

“We played hard,” Doss said. “We need to put more work in for future games.”