Let’s Grow Together


The Garden Owl is under new ownership! Mayra and Ben Campbell officially became the new owners of The Garden Owl on April 27th.

Blooming with Pampa pride, the Campbells have been interested in finding new ways to give back to the community.

“There comes a point where you know you’re gonna stay in this town, in this community for the rest of your life,” Mayra said. “We have been wanting to do something in this town for some time.”

Thanks to the blossoming friendship with the previous owners of the greenhouse, Brandon Richardson and Nicholas Elderkin, the Campbells have been running their new business with great enthusiasm.

“For me, there is a vibe to it,” Ben chuckled. “I enjoy spending time here. I find it good for my mental health. I find myself wanting to be here. I was, and am, drawn to this place.”

In addition to managing The Garden Owl, Mayra and Ben continue to work their respective careers at the Pampa Independent School District and Campbell Ranch.

“Has it been easy managing my career and this? It has been hard, but I look forward to coming here every day,” Mayra said.

“We’ve learned so much, it has been fun,” Ben said. “Mayra has said it best, I never thought I would put in a nine-hour workday and then look forward to coming here to work some more.”

The Campbells have big plans in store for The Garden Owl. They have been busy hosting new events to bring in the community.

“We just has a Mother’s Day event and we will be having an end-of-the-school-year event,” Mayra said. “On Friday, May 26th, we will be having the School “Succs” Summer Rules event. People will be able to paint a terra cotta pot and plant a succulent!”

On top of hosting events, Ben spoke about eventual changes that they would like to bring to the business.

“Eventually, we want to get into food and beverage. We’ve got a lot of room in the back. Maybe incorporate a food trailer? The sky’s the limit,” Ben said. “That said, we still want to maintain the integrity of The Garden Owl. The greenhouse and the plants are what this place is about.”

Echoing this sentiment, Mayra reassured that with any changes that may happen, the community can still look forward to the same business that they know and love.

“This will always be The Garden Owl Greenhouse. That will not change,” Mayra said.

Though the plans are far in the future, the Campbells’ main goal is to invite the community with open arms.

“We are open and we would love for people to come check us out,” Ben said. “You don’t have to buy anything; just stop in to say hi or spend time in the greenhouse, we’d love to see you.”

As well, the Campbells ensured that the employees who were previously hired by Brandon would stay on under their ownership.

“When talking to Brandon, we said we have to keep the same people in place and sustain this already great business,” Mayra said.

“We would be nowhere without Mia, Barbara, and Cassie. They are The Garden Owl, just as much - if not- even more than us,” Ben said. “We’ve got the right people in place.”

The Campbells expressed their sincerest appreciation to Richards and Elderkin for their support.

“We want to thank Brandon Richards and Nicholas Elderkin,” Mayra said. “They have answered any questions we had and continue to extend their support to us.”

“Brandon and Nick did an amazing job here,” Ben said. “They did not fail the business. They were so successful with it that it sustained itself. They wanted it to be given to someone who could ensure much love would be given to it. They chose us and we are grateful for that.”

For more information about The Garden Owl, contact (806) 669-1911 or visit 410 E. Foster Ave.