New Life Wellness Massage Therapy: Treating a multitude of needs


Massage therapy can sometimes be one of the overlooked treatments in healthcare, but it can be one of the more natural and multi-faceted approaches to healing.

Trena Moore (21 years), massage therapist for New Life Wellness at 701 N. Price Road, and Sabrina Childress (10 years) have more than 30 years combined experience and offer a number of massage therapies.

“We customize each massage to the person,” Moore said. “And sometimes each person may need something a little more different each time they come in. We do relaxation, deep-tissue, neuromuscular release, myofascial release, etc. We incorporate stretching in there when we need to. We offer prenatal massage.

“We really customize it to each person, because no two people are going to need the same type of service. We change it up for what each person needs.”

Massage therapy not only helps recover from an injury, but it can reduce stress and other ailments.

“It can help speed up recovery from an injury,” Moore said. “But you have benefits like boosting immune system by helping your lymphatic system, it helps reduce stress, helps your circulatory system and your heart and just your overall wellness and well-being. Just by reducing stress it’s a huge health benefit.”

Massage therapy at New Life Wellness is not billed to the insurance companies by the clinic and Moore suggests clients seek reimbursement from the insurance company.

Sessions of 30, 60 and 90-minute sessions are offered at New Life Wellness.

“We set that time aside for them,” Moore said. “We make sure to have a nice warm room, with a table warmer, nice relaxing music and dim lights to give them a better overall, relaxing experience. Even if they are working on an injury or other issue.”

New Life Wellness also offers hot-stone massages.

“We take salt stones that is heated to water that is 120 degrees,” Moore said. “We use those stones as a tool in our hand as we are working the body. The heat works to loosen that tissue so you get a deeper massage without the deeper pressure. A lot of times the people that can’t handle deep tissue pressure, this is a good option for them. The warmth of the stone helps to loosen that muscle a little more.”

Moore added that massage therapy was the best treatment she received after being in a bad car accident at 16 years old.

“Massage is what seemed to help me the most through all of my recovery,” Moore said. “So that really pushed me toward it. But I can remember standing behind people and rubbing their shoulders and neck at family gatherings.”

Appointments are available Monday through Friday. Thirty-minute massages are $45, 60-minute massages are $65 and 90-minute massages are $100. Purchasing a series of six takes $10 off each massage.

Appointments can be made by calling New Life Wellness at 806-665-7261.


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