New smart meters speed grid transformation

Xcel Energy’s Texas customers can reduce energy costs and enjoy higher reliability


AMARILLO, Texas – Xcel Energy’s Texas customers will soon see the benefits of an  improved, high-tech electric grid as the company begins installing smart electric meters at their homes  and businesses. Installation begins this week in Amarillo as part of a multiyear project to bring customers  cleaner, safer and more reliable energy through advanced grid technology.

“We’re excited to take this next step in building a smarter, more resilient and efficient energy grid and making it easier than ever for customers to understand and manage their energy use,” said Adrian J.  Rodriguez, president, Xcel Energy - Texas. “Smart meters are the starting point for this advanced grid,  boosting reliability and providing new tools and technology to help customers lower costs.”

The first meters will be installed in Amarillo starting today as the company sets out to install more than  275,000 of the new devices in Xcel Energy’s Texas service area over the next two years.

Xcel Energy has made significant investments in the power grid serving Texas customers over the past decade, primarily by boosting the capacity and reliability of the system through new and improved lines  and substations. The next step in this modernization includes new tools and technology such as smart meters that empower customers to manage their energy use better while improving reliability and helping  Xcel Energy restore power more quickly after an outage.

Smart meters will give customers near real-time energy use data that they will be able to access through the company’s My Account app, or via Customers will also have access to programs  and services that will help them better understand their energy use and how to improve efficiency and find  more savings.

Xcel Energy’s customers will receive company updates beginning three months in advance of receiving a new smart meter.